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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Why you should pray to god ? by Jitu Das

Pray to god, god is the highest intelligence or super conscious or every particle of the universe. God is the mystery of mystery, god is in air, water and soil. God is in everything that universe works, God is every theory of how universe works. God lives in every truth, every truth, every reasearch is a search for god. And yet, god can't be found, god is the boundless of the universe, to reach the boundary is not possible now, but nothing is impossible when we truly believe. Because when we believe our whole energy concentrates on what we believe in. When we believe, all our negativity, all our distractions, all our boredom and stress and anxiety,disappears from our mind, body and soul and when we belive in ourselves, we can do anything, because believing in yourself, makes you focous on your abilities. Always remember that you are much more stronger than you think you are. You may doubt yourself sometime, when you fail, you may doubt that there is no god, because you have never seen him, you may doubt God, by seeing the corruption and superstitions of the religion. But,remembeq that God is not religion, god is far more beyond that, God is the ultimate meaning of life, world and universe. Well, God is not religion, and its obvious that you doubt religions because there are so many. I believe that truth is one and unique and if God is a truth,and I belive god as one supreme conscious, knowlege or wisdon, then how could religions paint god, describe god differently.
Many religions paint god as a white man, But God is not a person, neither white, nor black, not yellow, not red. I belive that God is not a person, god is the unknown reason, god is the ultimate knowlege and wisdon to see meaning of this life and our surrounding universe.
So, don't doubt God, God is itself the meaning and the truth, the truth seekers are searching.
Pray to god about what you want,because when you want something truly from your heart. When you are sure of what you want, the god( whole universe) help you get what you want. It is the law of attraction, you know the Newton's law of gravition, that says , that every particle of the universe is attracted to each other and the particle who have more mass attracts the particle having less mass. That is why the moon is attracted to our earth and our earth is attracted to sun and revolves around it, and it takes 365 days 5 hour , 48 min and 45.51 second, but we take 365 days a year and the extra 1/4 days are added every 4 year in the 29th day month of february. And we call it a leap year.
So. What I want to say is that, when you want something, you have want it very bad, I mean, you must truly want it from your heart, then what you want will be attracted to you. Don't expect that God will give you directly in your hand, god is not a person, god is probability of the universe, god will help you achieve it. So, pray to what you truly want. Yow will get it somehow. And if you want something to happen, it will also happen.
If you want to know more about , " what is god ?" and " How to find god ? " . They are written someday ago. 

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