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Friday, 14 June 2013

Why you should hate the sin, not the sinner by Jitu Das

I can't hate people, those who do bad work, I mean crimes, because its the work that is bad, if those people who does crimes, start to work to elimintae poverty from the world, mostly from asia and africa, then I would kiss their hands, So, it means that its the work that makes people good or bad. Always remember, no one is completely good or completely bad, its the work they choose to do makes them goodor bad. So, love everyone, but that does not let others harras you, always stand for yourself, it your first duty in the world, to be alive. Because only thing that matters most in the universe is being alive, don't ask why ? Because beling alive is awesome, being alive gives you all the cahnce to enjoy the beauty of the world, and when you are alive, there is no limit, limit is only in your mind, being alive, here I am writing, and hopefully you are rading, thats a great thing, what ? I am taliking about hope, its the hope of future that keeps people running, you and me. No matter how hard it may seem today, you should always hope for a better tomorrow, because tomorrow never dies, its a great James Bond film. So the thing is , always hope for better, always , never stop, and be a hopeless.Its a bad thing not to hope. Buddha always said that what you think you become and thats like more than 100 % true. If you think good,you feel good, how ? when you litsen to a good song, I mean a happy, jolly song, you become happy, and when you would listen to a sad song, you will feel sad, your tear will come out. For me the most sad song is '' why does it always rain on me ' and there are are many song that makes me happy, the chinese music sooths me totally, buddhist prayer ''om mani padme hum'' fills my hear with enthuaism, jsut like you can create happy mood, you can become happy, happiness is in your hand, you just need to do what you love, watch and listen what you love.
you are alive, that is awesome, and enjoy every moment of this aliveness. If alll the people in the world would feel this way ,everyone would have been happy, curious and loving. So, its the work that gives you identity, and that is why you can change your identity,I mean, if you are know for your bad work, then by doing good work, like protecting natural environment, feeding the starve, you will be known for your good work. I know that no one is perfect, everyone has done bad work in their life, if you also done any bad work in your past, just know that, you don't have to live this way all your life, past does not matter nomore, all that matters now is  what you do now good or bad.

That is why I am saying to you, you are not all bad, and don't let no one make you feel that you are a bad person. Some might say that you are not worthy, becaue you don't know something they know, but hey you also, know something that they don't know. Don't feel bad and small, just because you don't have what other's have. Many young worries that they don't have girlfriend or boyfriend, but everything happens in right time, well you acn make it happen by flirting, but how many days it would, one month, 3 - 3 month, then what ? you can not do flirting all your life. So, be true, truth will carry  you to the right person that matches with your personality just like you both are soul-mate.

Do the good work, help people become happy, help people achieve therir dream. Don't live in past, forgive yourself for the mistakes you have done, beacuse evveryone does mistakes, not for one or two times, we amke mistake many time, but one point we laern from our mistake, Thomas Alva Edison made 999 mistakes, when he was inventing the light bulb, that now shines the world, and 1000 time, he learned from his mistakes, and used the tungsten wire and thats how he did it right.
In past you may have many mistakes, but don't get angry about yourself, keep calm and be patient.Forgive youself and do the work you love to do, when you do the work you love to do, you do great works, you can't do great works, unlessyou do what you love. So, find the work, most people in the world have no dream, goal or aim, so then finding the aim in life should be their aim.

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