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Sunday, 27 October 2013

How to to deal with morning melancholia ? by Jitu Das

Wake up each morning, each day to enjoy the aliveness of life. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds. Look out outside, the great blue sky, the sun radiating its light and warm to the world. Look at the trees, green all Green. Listen to the birds chirping and singing. Look at this moment, it is beautiful.
Breath deeply and know that life is beautiful. Do not worry over the past that makes you feel down. Remember the good only, the good memories and the good dreams that inspire you to feel good.
Do not worry over the nightmares.

Be calm, have peace in your heart. Do not worry about what you will do in life, do not worry about what you will eat or drink. Do not worry over everything in life, because that will make life very difficult.
For peace in mind, do not compete with others. Because when you compete others, you follow their desires. When you compete with others you compete to get what they want. That is why you should not compete with others. If there is any person to compete with, that person is you. If you want to better the status of your life, then you have to do better than what you did in past. If you want something, you have to do something about.
How can you find peace by being rude to others that destroys their peace ?
How can you find love by ignoring the people that loves you ?
How can you find happiness if you do not do the work that you are borned to do ?
How can you mend your broken heart if you do not mend others.
To get something you must do something. Only boredom, hopelessness, helplessness comes when you do nothing to get what you want.
How to rise up every morning ?

Wake up everyday, every morning and do something. Do not just do nothing. But do with your heart what you do, do not do something if you are not having the concentration or mood to do it. Do it full concentration.
Its very important that you do your work with focus, because that increases the quality of the work.
Stop comparing yourself with others. You do not have to act like those people that you compare yourself with. You do not have to what they do. You should focus on what you can do. Practise and be a master of what you can do.
Why it is important to do a work ?

Working is not only important to earn money. Most people would tell you to do work for money. But that is not the main reason you should work. You should do a work, because working makes life beautiful. Lord Krishna says to Arjuna in Gita that work is the religion.
You should do a work for peace in mind, to prevent boredom.
But there are numerous works in the world, then a question comes -
what is the main work you should do in life?

You should do the work that best matches with your personality.

You should do the work, by which you can best express yourself.
If you want show the beauty of world, then you can do it many ways, by photography, film making, poetry etc.
If you want to express the beauty of different tastes of different foods, then you can be a cook, recipe maker etc.
If you want to give justice to the people, then you can be a lawyer.
If you are beautiful, show the beauty,do not hide.
If you are kind inside,show the kindness.

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