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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why become a good person by Jitu Das

 Sometime in life, it feels like I don’t know what I am doing anymore. Why should I keep moving forward since there is no one who love me ? Why should you do good for others while nobody cares, why nobody loves me ? I am so alone. These are the feelings and thoughts comes to our mind when we fear the failure. The fear of being poor, the fear of being sick, the fear of being alone,the fear being left alone someone. All these fear makes us feel weak, these fear downs our head, increase depression. What can we do ? We have fears to be neglected even we do good work for other people. There are so many kind of people in the world. Some people are so blind that they only see themselves, no one can make them see the pain of other people. They would do anything to get what they want. Even if you do help such people its very rare that they would appreciate your help. So ,better not help these people or what ? The problem here is that if you think that you should not help these people because they are selfish and do not a thank you. But, if you think like that you will be selfish too who seeks thank you. But there is joy in helping those who is in need,if you help others for thank you,you can not enjoy your help. Who should you help ? You should help the people in need, you can never know whether they will appreciate it in their heart or not , since you want to enjoy helping others,you do not need to worry about the true appreciation, some people have no system of appreciation for other’s work except theirs. Helping those who needs is good work because it give us good feeling,when you help someone , all your worries about being alone,being unloved flies away, now you have helped someone to live happily. I believe that we should be good,because good works makes us feel good,good works like helping others people in grief,wipes out your grief too. Whenever you feel bad,help someone feel good. Life is simple and beautiful if you are good with your family and neighbor. Life is good,if you are good. Being good is very important. But that does not mean you should be always busy for others. Being good that does not mean you have to work for others even if you can not or do not want to. Being good does not mean you have to share all your property for others. We have the general idea that being rich is bad or rich people are bad,unhappy, people think that writing is a loner’s job, all actor and actresses are bad in character !, but are they what the general idea is ? I don’t think that writing is a loner’s job. Instead writers are the people who thinks about the whole world from the germination of a seed to the supernova. Being rich is not bad, but using of money should be for good reason. We are here on earth living because of love. Love is also good thing. So, all the good things in the world are what makes our life beautiful. The kindness,love and care of our parents are what made us possible to stand on our feet. The great writer Tolstoy said that god lives in the kindness to mankind,where there is selfless love and kindness,there is god.God is beauty, god is nature, god is love and kindness,happiness, peace.Who have love and kindness for the everyone earth, in his heart there lives joy an d peace. Why should we be good ? Thats a great question to ask. To clear the doubts why should we be good. If you are seeking for reason to be good, its not awful at all. I have searched that question too.

  • The only reason you should be good is because it feels amazing to be good.What does being good means ? Being good means being good in behavior, being good with family and neighbor,being good in society, being good with everyone in the world. We all are human,being human being as a species comes before than any religion or country.We are one species Homo sapiens,We all are same, our physical appearance may be slightly different from place to place.In Africa, people are black, because of a pigment called melanin, which protects skin from the sun-rays which falls on Africa at a 90 degree angle.In my country it falls at 45 degree angle,and in the European countries sun-rays fall at lower angle.So,their the people are white because of the lower amount melanin in their skin.So, black or white,you should love and respect everyone on earth.To judge people from their color, religion is a sign of retardation, cripple mind.To have an open mind, who has peace in their heart, you have to be good to people from every religion and country.After all we all live in the same planet.
  •  Being kind is being good. With each act of kindness, you make a good difference in people’s life.With kindness in your heart you can change others life.
  •  Taking care of other is being good. We need to care,because if we do care, it feels good,but the care must not be selfish. The care for no reason is the kind of care we should give. It can make others happy. So,when you can make others smile with your care ,how good you would feel. So,if it feels good, and others feels good to,so why not care for others which is good.
  • Loving is a good thing,because it gives good feelings to the people who love and people who get loved. Love is the best thing in the world. Love is good when it is unconditional. Love is what keeps us alive. Without the true love, relationship can never be strong. Without the love between father and mother, a family can not become happy.
  •   Do you remember the story of Dr. Jackyl and mr. Hyde. Where good dr. Jackyl does a experiment on himself,and he becomes bad permanently. We all two side within us. A bad and a good part. Choice is always yours what to be good or bad.
  •  All the religions, all the philosophies says us to be good. Be good at heart,be open-minded. All the great poem tells us to love nature, I told you before that loving is also doing good. What does it mean to be good ? Being good means having love,kindness and care for other.
  •  If your behavior is good to other, they will also behave nicely. It feels great when others behaves nicely with you.
  • Being good means no war unless its for protection, a good country stay cool with other countries, do not invade in other country. Be good, but when someone tries to kill you or hurt you,you have to protect yourself. You can not let others hurt you.

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