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Friday, April 26, 2013

How to enjoy your life by Jitu Das

The only thing that matters is your life,the fact that you are now,is all that matters. But once you know that,you start to neglect the fact that you are alive,and its amazing to be alive,just to be alive. The days and nights,the spirit lifting sunrises and the sunsets. We live in a spectacular world,we are lucky to get a chance to live, love,work and play. Your life gets amazing when you have at-least two special things in your life,one is a work and the other is life partner that loves you truly. You need find the work that excites your neurons to release serotonin in your blood,which makes you feel high,as high as dopamine makes you when you drink alcohol,smoke cigarretes or take the illegal drugs. So,better choose the work .not the drugs.The pleasure you get from the work of your dream, lasts all your life. If you have not find the work that will change your life,keep searching for it until you get it. When I started writing my life has changed in a way I have never expected. Do not listen to other’s telling what line of work you should do in your life,listen to your heart that whisper within your heart,there is a fire within wants to rise and shine your life. You are much more than you think you are. No matter what bad happened to you in your past,you need to rise up,leaving all the grudge you hold for the people whohurted you. You need to reborn putting behind all the bad memories like an nightmare.No matter how many people have criticized you and made fun of you, they did it because they were having inferior complex within and wanted to prove that they were superior,by criticizing and judging others and they did not have any clue why they did that,so forgive and leave those people and and go on the the path to your dream.It does not matter how many people left you without saying goodbye,they left you because to open up rooms for many others who respects who you are and admire you.
Life is full of people and events. Without people you can not live and do not keep enemies in your life,they are extra, why you would want to make enemies. Make friends,which is awesome. Respect the people,everyone needs respect. Control the ego and anger,because they make you only a sad person.
That is all. So how to enjoy life -
1. Only thing that matters is that you are now alive,once you die,you are gone forever,no conscious,no senses,no memory. In short,no existence.
So,enjoy life,love nature. Prevent the animals go extinction.
2. Enjoy daily in life. The only time to enjoy life is right now. Do not think of enjoying life,once you get a job,after getting married or getting retired. The only way to enjoy life,is by using your talent,not drinking alcohol or smoking or taking drugs.
3. You need two things in life, a work and a lover. You need to find the girl,that respects you just the way you are. You need to find the person,who dreams the same dream you dream. The person who have the ake personality you have and who have the same hobby you have,so you can spend your liesure time together. Is not amazing ? Yes It is.
4. If you want to make your life big then serve the humankind and nature. The only best way to serve is doing what you can do your best.

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