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Friday, April 26, 2013

Why people drink alcohol by Jitu Das

There is always a hope like the ray of light from the end of the tunnel. If I could ever know what is there that stop us to walk the road,for peace and enlightenment,If I could ever know why my friends started to smoke cigarettes at the age of nineteen, what is the cause, was smoking cigarettes  is a prove that you are adult now. If I could ever know what genes make them do it, I was still searching something, I never understood really,watching people drinking alcohol, injecting drugs,what was the purpose of this acid culture, a mere escapement from the harshness of ever changing life, news of corruption of bureaucratic people, or people fighting people for just money,power and fame. The drugs make you feel numb, neurons in your brain go double,you start to imagine, you have a hallucination,you feel like you are flying now,you can feel your head is spinning, but you can not control it. Then you fall down flat and wake up next day with a hangover and eyes would like you got conjunctivitis and what ?
This is not life. The acid culture sucks and I would be very much happy when all the people stop buying alcohol, I wonder if government was for the people, they would have banned all the wine-shops. We don’t need alcohol to enjoy life. Alcohol may give you some friends,but its just a waste of time.
I feel sad when my brothers talk about enjoying party with alcohol,they have become slaves of alcohol, they can not see their faults,they can not see value in things,only see the cost Enjoyment by alcohol is a fallacy,a false distraction,listen to music,watch films,read books,enjoy the beauty of nature,get a hobby that defines who you are, they are real distraction and the pleasure from these works last for days and sometime they last whole life. There are much more beautiful thing than alcohol, how could people drink alcohol or do drugs, little kids doing drugs seeking thrill, you want to get thrilled get into music,buy an electric guitar.
We live in a big world,with 700 crore people living. Now a days we are connected to people around the world, but many children have no time to talk with their parents. Now a days every body has boyfriends and girlfriends, busy on the phone all the time. We are living in a great fuss of technology and everyone is now addicted to it. I did not have any mobile phone 3 years ago, and now I can not live without it.

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