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Sunday, January 12, 2014

My ideas of a good man or a woman by Jitu Das

  • A good man or woman is who gives or express the good within him or her.But what if if a human does not express the good within him, how could the person know that he or she is good ? Because to know thyself is not possible without acting or doing works. The works define the person as a good or bad person. 

  • A man or woman may not be good to you in  behavior, but they shall be sweet towards the people they care about. But then, the woman who was rude to you will be a bad women to you. But she shall be still a sweetheart for some people. 

  • To judge her bad for behaving rude towards you should not be done instantly. May be you did or said something that triggered her to be rude or maybe you did nothing or you did not utter a word. Maybe your appearance was not good enough for her to show you respect. Maybe she was rich and  poisoned  by the idea of respecting people regarding their appearance, I mean judging people by their costumes ! Maybe she was angry with someone who looked like you. Maybe she asked for some help and you did not helped. Maybe you disturbed her when she was having fun with your presence or words that you now regret of saying. Maybe it was you fault for her being rude to you. 

  • Maybe you were also rude towards her. Maybe you saw her inferior than you. Maybe you thought you can control people and they are going to obey you always. Maybe you didn't know what she wanted or you were just selfish enough to neglect her wants or needs. Lets assume that you were good and she was bad. But there is a saying that says that When one is good then all is good or something like that. There is no perfectly good man or good woman out there. We ourselves are not all good, there may be deeds we have done that we still regret. 

  • But the truth is our whole life is not in our control, but this moment is. All that matters is how you feel in this moment. Some nights when you are struggling and you can not go sleep. Because you keep yourself reminding the mistakes you have done in past life. The truth is the past doesn't exist, right now this moment exists. Whenever you can not go to sleep at night thinking about past, always remember that life is greatest thing in the universe. Do not worry about past, because nothing good is coming out of it, only bad mood.

  •  Remember it is okay to mistakes once and you should not too hard on yourself. Instead of worrying about past, you can think about how amazing this moment slowly passing through your fingers or you can plan on your wonderful future.

  • Everybody have their own idea of being good. The numerous culture has evolved in the course of human evolution. The cultures are also evolving updating the ideas of good, bad, respectable, celebrity, rulers , religion, musics. The culture is always changing, because the culture is not based on facts or rational thinkers. The different cultures judge each other to be wrong. But the cultures are based on human feelings not human thinking. I am not saying that culture is bad.But what culture teach about good and bad, right and wrong is very confusing. What is a culture ? Culture is collection of ways how a group spend their life in a certain region of planet earth. 

  • There are different cultures around the world having their different ways praying to god, different ideas about what is good or bad, what is right or wrong, different sports, color, race, language, art, dance, music, dress, house and food. India is one of the most colourful country with diversifying people with different culture. Your idea of being good or bad is maybe given to you by your culture. I am not saying your ideas are wrong. 

  • Yet so many cultures in the world telling what is good and what is bad ! But the basic ideas are similar in all cultures. To hurt someone is bad, to  protect  and help others is good. To kill is bad if not done by protecting thyself. Being a good person does not mean you will accept criminal abuse silently. To be good means to have a good health. Your health is what keeps you alive. To be sick is being close to death. Being alive is a very precious and delicate thing. 

  • Always remember that life is the greatest and most beautiful thing in the universe. To be good person to be strong enough protect life. To be a good person means having a good health to do good works by expressing the good within even though there lies bad too, and having good feelings like love and care for all people in the world. 

  • A good person can feel bad when he sees pain in other's eyes and helps others to ease their pain. A good person does not only improve himself but also the people. A good person do not judge people instantly by seeing the appearance of people, but see the causes behind how people behave. A good person see all people equal  in front  of law. There is both good and bad in us. It is not easy to be always good, sometime we behave bad. Our whole life is not in our hand, but today is. Today you can choose to have good health, good mood, good feeling towards all people, good day.

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