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The dream of life by Jitu Das short stories

It was a very beautiful morning, and I was awake that morning very early. The door was open and went to wash my mouth. Everyone was asleep even though the sun was pouring sunshine in their rooms. I went outside of my house and started to walk, it was very strange, I arrived at a place near railway line. A big field, the grass was green and glowing cooly and sky is full ofcumulous clouds. I walked again in a road of small green grass. I saw three big temples there, the temple was ancient, I have never seen temple of such architect. The weather was beautiful, sun was hiding in the black clouds, and sunshine was falling only through some pores of the clouds. There was calm breeze flowing and the air carried the scent of red rose flower and lotous. There was a pond of lotous near the temples. Then I saw a zoo, there was man in counter, I went to that counter and he gave a ticket to the zoo. I took the ticket and went inside the zoo, the zoo was bigger than it seemed from outside. There was butterfly flying everywhere, boa and pythons were moving freely, the tigers and lions were playing in water,there was small boy who was loughing watching the monkeys making fun of a tiger. They were all free, and I was mesmerized to see all these. It was so great and wonderful that my heart was filled with ectasy. I was stuck in that moment and I could not move, I was taken by that moment of view, I absorbed all the beauty, the thousands of colorful butterfly, the trees are everywhere, the sould touching scents from the flowers of million flowers. The colorful fishes in the ponds. And the sunshine from sun made the whole zoo just  magical. The birds were in a competition of swining sweet. The parrot was singing some ancient melody he heared from the mouths of mankind of ancient ages. There was Chameleons in the tree brances, frogs sitting in the big flat leaves of lotous floating. Then I gain my sense to walk again. There was big giant trees as I went inside the zoo and I knew that it was not a zoo, it is a forest of ancient time.
It was so strange, when I was holding the ticket outside the zoo, I though how did I get there. Then I again went inside the zoo, it was different from the zoo I have seen a while ago. Everything was different, even me. I was tired and weak. The animals were locked inside the cages. The tiger and lions, they were sitting sadly, the monkeys were sleeping, there was no fun they can have inside those cages, so they would dream,which was more fun. The snakes were hopeless, their number have decresed than I saw them. There was a video screen infront of every cage of the animals, and when I went near the cage, I heard a voice of women saying, headphon is connected, now you can listen. I did not know I had ear plug in my ear, there was no wire. That video was showing the tiger, because I was near the cage of tiger, the video told that there is not much tiger left. Where was I, was in future. I coudn't know what year that was, but I knew it was not a distant future. Suddenly I met a friend, a friend that I once knew and now forgotton. I don't know what he was searching but he was standing there and looking at everywhere like he was mesmerized, and I don't remember what did I talk to him, I just remember saying good bye to him. I came out of the zoo and I saw the ancient temples were still there. Then it started drizzling rain, I saw an old man looking at those temples, he was taken by that moment. He seemed to me someone I once knew. Even though he was old, I saw that his eyes were big and curious, his face was glowing, then his body was glowing, he was becoming more beautiful every moment and then he was not old anymore, he became young again, My jaw dropped and a chilling feel ran in my every cell. I felt strong and a whole new energy was dwelling inside me. When I look at him, he was not there anymore. Then a thought so wild and  magical  came to my mind that I was looking at myself and that old man was myself. How could that can ever happen. I have seen places that I though never existed in my town, I was in past and I was in future and now here I am in the present. I must find the meaning and for that I have to enter to the temples, temples big as mountains and yet I think I should stay on my present,if I see my future then, then there will be interest left in my present and future. Future should not be explored,we must live our present and by living our present we explore the future.Even though I wanted to know about my future because I thought knowing the future could save me the trouble, so that I do not have to fear the unknown future and worry about anymore. 
But that is what I should not do,knowing the future is not the way to live life.After thinking a lot,I went home, the road was empty,still everybody was sleeping and the door was open,I felt sleepy and went back to my bed. And I after woke up I felt free and calm. I know now life is not about wining or losing, its about hoping for better.

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