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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Change Quotes by Jitu Das

Change that we all seek,is actually attaining the balance of life. We all are unbalanced somehow, somewhere, we need to change that. In a balanced life,there is neighter stress nor anxiety.One can't do everything, but one is not appointed to do everything. One good work for one being, that is all one need. Too much works are not for one being. The goal is to find peace, one work, that is worthy for you, thats all you need to find. After knowing, one must not be confused. One choice has to be made. One must not let the seconds thoughts increase the confusion. For, confusion is ake with suffocation. You must choose one work, after choosing to work on one work, there should be no wandering about working other work. 
If there is a soul inside us, then only to find peace in our soul is to work. Work that we think as a great work. Work that we have respect for.

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