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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Missing You By Jitu Das's poems

I do not know anything,

and sure of nothing,

right now my world is fading

and I am again escaping

to the places amazing,

I keep going there waiting,

To find you girl, I keep writing, 

just to be with my darling,

All they are saying about loving, 

I am at loss ,they are not helping,

I can't find and for you still I am looking,

I may be going crazy, maybe I am dying,

I have been searching what I am missing,

but the truth is you are what I am missing !!

So bad that it is killing

my reasons for writing,

not anymore I am smiling,

still I have hope to keep looking,

I am just tired and my eyelids are closing.

- Jitu Das.. 4- 1- 14

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