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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Assamese film Rowd, review by Jitu Das film reviews

The theme was great. The name Rowd was also great. But, the acting, directing, editing were not  good enough !

  • What  liked the film Rowd -

The picture quality was good, most the location were beautiful. The songs are beautiful used in the film. The song pakhi pakhi man mur helps the flashback of the childhood to bring alive.

  • What I did not liked -
                                               1.Many scenes don't make any sense. 
The first scene, where Utpal running is incomplete. Jayanta Vagabati searching for a man called VCD, as he said that VCD is known to all, that was funny but made unnecessarily and acting of Utpal was not natural. 
Well, theme was great, but screenplay, directing, editing were done, just without passion. The theme Rod meaning, a bright story, an inspiring one that could motivate people. The most disappointing thing about Rowd, was to watch an assamese film, where most of characters were using not only english words,but sentences, that was a minus point. 

May be the filmmaker didn't realise that if we could show people using our own assamese languge, the youngers would love their language and use Assamese language more ! Already, rich people prefer English medium school for their children. If you make a film using English sentences, how could that inspire people lo love our mother language !

 A film should always have a good soundtrack. At the scene where Vagavat Pritam was talking to Manali that he has done all for her,there was no soundtrack at all, And at scene, where Padmarag is talking with Vagabat Pritam, that he married Manali for revenge, that scene was most boring. They could have  made a flashback, instead of that boring talk scene.

Well, Munmi, is the one who's character was well defined, Her act was also normal. But, the character of Utpal was weakly constructed, He don't had a passion for one thing. If he was a singer at college, why he went to photography. The reason he told that he has no music in him anymore just because his girlfriend betrayed him. But, he was playing guitar, singing song from his childhood. It was his passion, he was good at that. But, a singer doesn't stop singing, a musician just don't stop making music, rather, they make some masterpiece that lasts forever. Just like, when Beatrice died, Dante wrote Divine Comedy, in his great sadness. I think 
that the VCD, Jayanta Vagavati was searching was the "Rowd". I felt like watching a VCD more than watching a film.


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