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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Where our life is going by Jitu Das

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Don't worry about where life is going, because life is evolving, you can not resist the change, change is the ultimate truth. Those who can make the best out of change, the strive. Everyday life is changing, life is going somewhere. You have to keep changing yourself everyday, the world is changing, the air I breath is changing, the temperature of the world is rising, people are destroying the rain forests, the world may not suitable to sustain life in upcoming 50 years. Everything changes, time pass by you. You get old and you feel like this is life. Life ends and yet life goes from generation to generation. My grandparents, three uncle has died, but a part of their life has sent to their children, their characters, their genes has passed to their children, even if they died, their genes will keep moving from their children to their grand children and thus life goes on. You were a children, now you may be are an young adult, adult or old, the memories of childhood are now becoming  unclear, like everything has gone inside the world of a forgotten dream. Your childhood memories are like now seems like some forgotten dreams. They are gone now, the memories, those days now seems  like  some dreams, but what do we find in life ? Are these memories, these dreams are all that life is about. 
I said that everything is changing, it means everything, the whole universe, the universe is evolving. Yet many superstitions are still alive in this world, not only in the third worlds but also in the modern world. Some superstitions have gone with the time, but the superstition is very mysterious, because time to time new superstitions have born, for example, the zombie. Zombie has become now a genre in movie industry. 
I said in a earlier post that, if you believe in the god that religion describe, that means you also believe in ghosts, zombies, witch, wizard and other superstitions. I am sure, I talking about in a right age, come on this is 2013, age of wonder of science and truth. We know that there is no heaven above the clouds, our world is semi round, not flat, and the earth revolves around the sun, not the sun. We can now see the stars , planet and galaxies of million light years far. You should know that curiosity about the universe is a wonderful thing, it feels like you are a student and your school is the universe. 
But, yet, when we have the chance to know about the world and universe in our mobile phones, but, is that what we really want.  Knowledge is not enough, if you memorise a book, you don't become a wise man, you become a copy of that book. I don't like this education system, its like you are a parrot, you memorise book. Important part of education system is to make a student curious about the world. The old way of teaching with books should be changed tn video teaching. Which is far more interesting. And you should know that interest is the mother of education, where there is your interest, there is where you will be satisfied. 
Everything is changing. You and your world. You are not the same, you were one year ago, you have learned new things about life, you have gained new experiences in life.  And thus goes on. You live your life, doing a job, living in a home with your family and you have children, they grow up, you sent them to school, then college, then they gets jobs, then gets married, you get to play with your grand children, then you get very old, then one day you die, just like grandparents died. Then your grand children will remember you, and miss you, but you will never know that, yet still, a part of you would go to them through the genes and with those DNA our life goes on as long as the earth can sustain life, as long as the human race will reproducing. 
So, don't worry about where life is going on, you will die one day, but that is not your end, you will always live in DNA, in Genes,in the characters of your children of your children's of your children's of your children's and so on. So, grow up, learn a work that is interesting, then do the work, meanwhile fall in love, get married and have kids. :-D Happy Life. ;-)  :-D


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