Monday, December 3, 2012

What do you need in life by Jitu Das

 Do you know how you get bored ?
You get bored, when you don't have any new idea to think about.
Whenever you hear a new idea, see a new idea , think a new idea you feel so much energy within.
The thing about idea is that you must know who you are first to know what kind of idea gives you energy. You can always find who you are, its just like buying your right sized shoe, to find the right shoe, you must put on other shoes too. So don't you settle on anything. 
 To make life more worth living, you should be -
1. Lover -You can be lover of anything. But you must love something. We are all lover of music, films, art, adventure, thrill ...
2. Curious- You must be curious to learn more. Learning is surely not the main purpose of life .
3. Friendly - we human are social loving animal. We can't live without connecting ourselves with society. Everybody is connected with society or with an another human being or any life or organism through direct or indirect contact.
4.Watch films -  When we are watching a film we are connecting to ourselves in a story in which we can see as we are a invisible detective learning how they are living( I wrote living a film always in present continuous , except the flash backs). I love films like more than anything !.
I love to know people around the world. Thats why I watch films of every langugae if there is subtitles available. My friend, watch films to know more about people and the world. You should watch 50 great films before you die  
5. Listen to music- Listen music to feel the enthusiastic, sadness. Music has the ability to induce emotions in you. Music can make you feel romantic, music can make you feel energetic, music can calm your mind, music can make you smart, music can make you passionate. Music is one of the greatest invention and now is the greatest of all time, you can listen to any music from anycountry, genre, singer, because you have a great power called internet.
The music of Amelie just creates harmony within me. Some music creates happiness, love, enthuaism. So I realized that happiness, love, sadness every emotion is within us, the emotions are within our brain, released by the hypothalamus of our brain, serotonin, dopamine.,Epinephrine. But even though in a complew way everything works in our body, but in a larger sense we must follow what we love. Here its get complicated in case of following. I mean you can love so many thing, but at one point you have to leave everything behind and follow one love. So the problem arise and you feel like you need to discussed with someone, someone who is interested in you, someone who loves you.
You may be  doing anything in your life, but remember You can always do 3 great things your life -
1. Live life fully
2. Help others live life fully
3. Be curious and open minded.
I wanna do it, do you ?

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