Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beautiful films that you must watch

 Note : These films are very inspiring. These films have a spark that makes you happy and you could learn so much from these films...

1. The Bucket List ,inspires you to live like you are dying, in this way you can do all things you dream about doing. 

2. 'The Shashank redemption, inspires you to get busy living.

3. The adventures of Tintin,inspires you to dare to search for the truth.


4 '' Big Fish '' inspires you search for the big and best  you want in life

5.Midnight in  pairs, inspire  you to live the life you are  in love with. This film inspire you fall in love with someone  that has same kind of hobby and personality that you have

     6. '' Hidalgo''  inspires  you to keep moving to your goal  no matter how long is the journey, this film also inspire you love and care about the animals.

 7. " The fellowship of the ring,Lord of the ring" takes us to an entire different world, which is just thrilling. This film inspires us to live together with friends in harmony. This film strongly inspires the fellowship of human kind.

8 " The return of the king, Lord of the ring " inspires us to hope. This film inspire us to fight with evil and live in peace afterwards.

9. Yes man is one of the most inspiring film. It inspires you to be positive in life, to say yes to things you want to do ,but you fear to fail.

10. Bruce Almighty is really a great a family must watch.


11. Leap year is a very beautiful film about life. Its a refreshing film.What I love about the film is that its full of natural landscapes of Ireland. Its an romantic comedy,surely you will enjoy, do not listen to the rotten tomatoes. What I think that the message of the film is that life should be simple and full of life not only showy stuffs. I loved the beautiful Dingle peninsula. I got astonished seeing the ake superstitions about the cat. The soundtrack list of the film is just great,it helps the scenes understand clearly.


12.  50-50 is a beautiful film. One thing that makes this so amazing,that is its soundtracks, The songs perfectly match the scenes.I enjoyed this film more than 500 days of summer. This film taught me that there is always be some people when you are going through bad time. The soundtrack list of this films is just amazing,you will get into the film.

13.In the beginning of the film 500 days of summer, it tells clearly that its not a love story, its a story of a boy meets  a girl, The film tells you, not to have a belief someone is meant for you. There are no miracles,there is no fate, there is nothing is meant to be. Coincidence all that is, its about  timing that is working everywhere in earth and in the universe. There is no soul mate, there is only person of that have same likes and dislikes. The horoscope is a fraud to fool people in need of something like job,career,love etc. I think that if you want to find the girl of your dream, you just have to be observant a little bit, you will find the girl of your dream,where your interest lies. For example, if you love books, you will meet her in the bookstores or somewhere related this place. You will find  the girl that will love you in the places where you love going.

14.The descendants is a academy award nominated film for 4 categories in 2011 and for me the best film about life in 2011. The descendants is very successful in portraying a messed up  family in Hawaii,where the mother got accident in a boat, and she is about to die,where elder daughter  is addicted to drugs, and a 10 year old scotty.Where the father is trying to maintain the family. 
    What I loved about the film was watching the beauty of Hawaii. In the whole film,there was a  breeze was flowing and guitar tunes Jeff Peterson and Hawaiian songs.

15.. Little Manhattan is a very beautiful has also one of the greatest soundtrack that match the scenes of the film. I think the message was to be honest and open with each other in relationships. Some time not talking with each other  rots a relationship.Talking is very important. I wrote about that in my most famous post my idea of a happy family Talking is one of the most important thing in a relationship,if you do not talk with your family just for an day even if you are in the same home,its effects the relationship,it does not matter how slightly. Little Manhattan is full of beautiful soundtracks.

15. Flashback of a fool is also a film about life.All these film I listed are films that captured the real life in picture. Daniel Craig portrays an actor Joe Scot: who was successful,but later,his life became messy. May be it was because of his suppressed memories of childhood.Where something happened with him,later he goes to to this home, and reconcile with his family.In the end  Joe Scot realize and thinks," When I was a child I used to think that being brave meant that you had to take ownership. That to have a dream and to move forward in life you needed courage. But the only thing you need courage for is for standing still."

16. American beauty is one of the great film is one of the greatest film that gives the messages that happiness lies in the love. Without love you can not find happiness  in the stuff or in the money.

17.Liar Liar inspires you tell only truth, telling truth you can make your life more beautiful,because truth is itself beautiful. 

18." Little miss sunshine  "inspires us to never stop trying. It inspires us to be who we are already.

19. Finding neverland, is a  amazing  film about the life writer of Peter -pan,the soundtrack is very beautiful and also the cinematography.

20. Robinson Crusoe

21.Into the wild


  •  All these films are tells you that we must love our families,friends and neighbor. There is nothing that is perfect or could be perfect. So,we must never expect for utopia,paradise or a perfect society. 
  • At day,we need warm and light of sun and at night we dark to rest. I believe that,in life we need both happiness and sadness. What we call a person ,who is always happy,singing,laughing,we call them mad. 
  • Because, we need not laugh all day,or party all night.We need to be what the environment recommend. At daytime,we need to work,at night, we should sleep.There is no need to party all night,drink alcohol and get hangover.
  •  Why do something,that you are gonna regret doing in the future.Do something that your future thanks you for. So, whenever you get time watch these beautiful films.