Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to become both happy and successful by Jitu Das philosophy

 You can be both happy and successful if you are enjoying
 what you are doing. Money is very essential, but that doesn't mean you will just do any boring work. First find the work that calls you to do it, I mean if the work itself doesn't attract you, why would you go to do it, even if you do it for money, you would always want escape from the work. I see most people want to go for vacation once a year to ease their mind, wtf ! Most people do jobs for money, and they only survive, they never get to live. But that is not the truth, they have 24 hours each day. Where 8 hour is involved in work, 7 hour is for sleep, and other 9 hours for themselves, for family and friends. But, most people watch television for hours everyday.The people who watch films, serials want to escape from reality, they love to think their life is gonna be like one of those characters of films and serials. I am not saying that we don't need escapement, infact the need of escapement is incresing everyday. The number of drugs addicts are also increaing as a worst escapement. The problem with every education system is that its lacking the education of morality. Why an educated or an degree holder do drugs, the reason is need of escapement. 
Why we need escapement ? Is escapement is bad ?
What kind of escapement should I use ?
Paintaing, drawing, writing, reading, and our every work is a gateway to escapement. We need to escape because when we don't work our thoughts arise and makes us anxious to do something, if you want to experience what I am saying, just sit down without doing anything, (I am not talking about meditating. ) 

Sleeping is the real meditation, isn't it just amazing, you are all tired by the day's work, after dinner you go to sleep and wake up morning with freshness and new energy. Its like getting charged all night. Many people would not sleep well tonight and get sleepy tomorrow. From my own experience and study about sleeping I got to know that sleeping is as important as we need to eat food, to excrete normally and to bath; the shelter and cloth comes later. ) when you don't work or don't have any work or hobby, you end up watching T.V , surfing net or going out with a ride or talking with someone. What else you do ? Is there any better things to do,
Well there is, you can read a great book, you can watch a great films rather than those numerous t.v. shows. If you love  adventure you can go out and travel, you can do photography, you can go learn music, you can also learn other language. You can make a garden, gardening is one of the best hobby or escapement. You can paint, draw. You can sing and dance. Just because you are a adult that doesn't mean you have to control your emotions. Without our emotions we are a robot. I think shame , confusion , doubt each of this emotions are an another form FEAR. Jealousy, envy, comparison are formed in us when there is absence of self confidence.

In this age of modern marvels, even though our physical works are decreasing but our mind work has increased, if not then why everyone is so stressed out.The people who work in office has to work all day in the computer,which causes poor eyesight, obesity,fatigue, heart disease, anxiety and many more problems .The students get 3 month to study for a 6 month's course.To complete a course like that the colleges gives notes like vomitting, some departments raise their hands and try to blame to students for not being regular, such departments are the enemy of education system. The semester system has caused the students to spend all day in college only to get notes of the half course. In these situation every student need escapement or a hobby. After spending the day at college writing notes, gardening seems just impossible, may be that everybody just either surf net or watch t.v. Some fools get drugs offered to them and becomes addicted and creates unbearable extra tensions in home. Never try drugs, once you try, your brain will soon demand one more try, its just like sex addiction, once you have sex , your brain wants more. When you take drugs or have sex, the number of connection between neuron cell increases in your brain and you feel good , but these good feelings are momentary. Drug addiction is like a never ending hunger, most drug addicts dies of over-dose. 

So, what I want to say that why waste the whole life for a pleasure that last like for a minute. Since our mind work is incereasing day by day, the need of escapement is also increasing. So, if we must need escapement, then it should be creative, everythhng around your room or in the man-made environment, is a creative work by somebody from somewhere in the world.

 There is a great saying - " our purpose is not to live forever, but to do something that will". So find what kind of inborn personality you have and find the kind of work that match your kind. If you can find the work that calls you to do it, you will never need escapement anymore.Ask any worker who work passionately, what is their escapement ?The music related workers would say that music is their life, ask anyone who is doing what they love to do.Success is when a person can spend his lifetime the way he want to. Success is not only about money, capital or property, you can achieve success if you have attained balance in your life style.A balanced person means who is living in harmony working what he loves, sharing the moments with his family and friends. A truly successful man means who help  or inspire others to become successful.

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