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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

How to find your goal by Jitu Das philosophy

  • At the  beginning  of this post I  want you to know that I  always wanted to   write about something I am good at and here it goes...Most of the people I know are too busy to read my  blog. I don't even know if anyone would read it.I would  love to share my feelings about life with everyone. Life is a mystery ,don't waste your time to find out ,yet we all want to know more about life. What is life ? -''some would say  life is no more than fate, '' some would say its difficult to find out.'' some would say life  is  about living and enjoying , its not about questioning or finding what is it? . and some would say life has no meaning at all. scientists would say life is consists of living cell.       
  • When  we talk about human life :
  •   In the moment of conception, a sperm fertilizes the egg,its the start of a new life,after 9 months     we born ,day by day we grow up ,we learn to talk ,we learn to walk , of course our parents ,our relatives  teach these things to us, at the age of 4 or 5 we are admitted to go to primary school,then at the age of at the age of 13 we go to high school, from now on you start to make friends ,girls make friends with girls and the boys make friends with boys, then at the age of 18 ,we go to college ,now its time to choose our stream--1. science, 2. arts , 3. commerce and  many more. now we  will  be asked especially by our parents what do we want to do in our life?. This is a tough question for those who have not yet decided his or her aim or goal,or in simple word what does he wants to do to make his living .sure it is a hard question, in this age [13-25] a boy or a girl  wants to become many things , when he watch a film he wants to be a actor ,when she see a magazine she wants to become a model, sometimes we want to be a doctor .sometimes a singer ,sometimes a scientist,sometimes a engineer ,sometimes a writer ,sometimes  a pilot. At last  we all get confused , though some of us  get to know what does he really wants to become , and its not because of he is too intelligent,but its because of his courage to dream ,and not only to dream but  to follow his dream with his willpower,honesty and courageous and peaceful  mind and a fearless heart and  a sound body.If you think you want to be a successful , rich,  happy and a healthy person and you also  want to marry  someone you love ! well people say that you can't  have it all, but  that doesn't mean  you can't have anything , at least you should try to have a work you love to do.You can get anything you want , I wouldn't ask you the mostfamous question " what do you want in your life ?" , of-course  that is a tough question, I guess the question is hard to answer because its not 'the ' proper question that should have been asked . 
  • The  question should be like this " what are the things you want to do in your life ? " ,because we all need many things in our life , everyone has a different list of things  he want to do.
  •  We all have a list of interesting works in our mind, where we put, our interesting works. In this 21st century, there are thousands of work  fields ,for that reason a great confusion has formed in the minds of young-adults.If you are confused about finding a work, that you are  truly interested, then its time to free  yourself  from your doubts and confusion, which are causing  only stress,  worries  in your life. So, its time to check your list, where there are many works that you find interesting, and now you are confused. One thing you should know that among the different interests you have, one is true interest and others are not true.
  •   How to find out the true interest and the false interest from that list  ? Answer is that if your interest is true , you will work hard on the subject to know more, but for you it would only seem fun work and easy. And if you are not working hard in the subject, and if you are having problems in concentrating in the subject, then your interest is a false one, and you will have no benefit to keeping interest in that subject anymore. 
  •   To be honest with you, for me writing is like drinking water, I can't believe sometime its so easy to write. So find a work that you find it very easy, exciting and makes you happy everytime you do it and that keeps you happy for a long time. As time passes, I find writing a fascinating work and believe it thrills me from the feet to the brain. I love writing, watching films. Watching film is for me like the food of my mind. If I don't watch a film, if I don't write, I feel like so heavy. And you know it very  heaviness  in mind only  cause stress. So when I write I am only concentrated in writing, nothing else bothers me.Its like I am totally get dissolved in only writing.
  • So the field of work where your mind works amazingly, where your mind is at calm and heart is satisfied,  the subject of work,where your mind gives you abundant good ideas, is the work of your true interest or passion and that is the work you should do. Because when  you do work of your interest, there will be no other thoughts that will disturb or distract you. When you are doing the work you find interesting, nothing distracts you and when you are doing something that is not a interesting subject for you, you will find yourself, yawning, getting bored, getting distracted every minute. It always happens in the class, where the teacher is not teaching the subject interestingly,students find it boring.There is a saying that interest is the mother of education.So, if you want to a educated person, find the subject that holds all your focus. Its important to listen to your own heart, the choice of subject must be taken by you, do not listen to your parents about this and don't follow the popular trend also.
  •  You are alive now, that is a great fact, do not take it for granted.Each moment, you can start doing the work, you want to.The purpose our life is to search in our within who we are really ? When you will know yourself, you will know your abilities well, and you will do the work, that you are good at. So, never stop learning about yourself.To know who you are is the oldest advice in the philosophy.Socrates said that 2399 years ago to know thyself. If everybody have known who they are and what they should perform in the stage of word, our human life would have been more peaceful. 
  • Find a work,that you are truly interested in and you don't have to worry about anything in the world. Most people in their young -adult age, do not ask the questions -Who they are ?, what work they are truly interested in etc.
  • The best way to find the work, your true passion or interest. You have to study about the subject related to the work, you see, every work has a theory to read about. To become a businessman, there are books about business, to become a actor, there are books about how to act,. to become a  philosopher , there are books to read. Even if you hate to read books, there are multiple way  nowadays  to learn about any subject. In the subject you are spending most of your time, is the work of your true interest.
  • Notice, what do you do everyday. Answer what is the subject or work, you think about everyday. What is your dream ?
  • Do you have many dreams ? If you have, you will get confused, about what dream to follow in your life, obviously, it is hard to follow every dream. But you can achieve your dreams one by one. It is very important to complete, what you are already doing now. You should not jump around from one work to another,because if you do that, you will never do any work properly in your life. Every work needs your total concentration, if you  focus on one subject at a time, you could do many works any life, and you could even achieve more than one goal in your life.
  •  Many people says to find a goal , find a destination , well I say make a list of things you want to do before you die, because my brothers and sisters you got only one life , don't try so hard to find your ultimate goal , because that doesn't even exist ,  more you try to find your meaning or your goal or destination, the more  you get depressed  & stressed. In simple sentence , don't try to find your goal. Because if you really want to know what should be your goal , the answer is simple and you already know it !  At first you need to have a hobby , Your hobby  is what you love to do in your free time.If you don't have any what  then  think  what  would you like as your hobby . If you want your life  to be exciting  then you must find a work that you love to do. If you want to find a work that makes  you happy then answer the questions ~ what do you do now in your free time that makes you happy , and all your worries  disappear , what kind of tv show you watch ? , which page of a newspaper  interest  you ? What kind of  magazine  you read,  what kind of   people  you believe as great people ? everything you think or do is telling you what you loveto do. Know your interest not others.  Be confident  about what you believe as a great work, because you know yourself more than others. thats  why it is very  essential to know yourself. If you want to findtrue yourself , do what you love , do what you believe as a  satisfying work. You can't love your work , unless you do what you love to do.Its time to  believe in what you love to do not to get confused by random opinion of others. Your life  will be filled with pleasure  of happiness and satisfaction, which is regarded as the highest level success. Improve your work day by day and be master of the work you do. Don't worry about the money ,it will flow to you. Just be the champion of what you love to do !Don't try to  adjust yourself  where you don't belong. Find the joy in your life doing what you love to do.
  • Some question you should ask yourself now - 
  •  Name a great man, you want to become like ? What is his field of work ? 
  • What do you do as a hobby ?
  • What did you wish to become when you were a kid  ? 
The work, you don't any reason to do, is the work you are born to do. If you start to ask for reasons why you are doing what you are doing, that doesn't  only mean that you are a very curious person. I think that, when you love something, you don't question why you love ? Do you ? If you need reasons to do something, it is because you are not enjoying what you are doing. Ask, any great scientist,writers, singers, painter, filmmaker, actor, the question why they do what they do ? They all would say that, they can't live without doing their work, they say its their life. Such passion for a work, is what makes them great. My point is, do the work, you love. When you do the work, you enjoy every moment doing it. First know who you are, what kind of thinker you are, what kind of body you have. 

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