Saturday, January 1, 2022

The shadows on the sun 2005 film review by Jitu Das film reviews 2022

As a writer I could clearly relate to the old writer Weldon and aspiring writer Jeremy's relationship. Weldon is suffering from writer's block, often writer's block is the cause of a traumatic event. Weldon suffers from the same writer's block caused maybe by his Wife's death or something else, he has to figure it out himself. 
Jeremy, aspiring writer and editor goes to Italy to sign up a book contract with Weldon, but he gets rejected rather rudely. 
The film revolves around getting Weldon writing again but also Jeremy finding his love and way of life.
For me this was a heart warning movie, a nice watch for good heartfelt moment. 

I recommend anyone who wishes to be creative wriiter to give this movie a watch, you will enjoy it.

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