Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Pushpa movie review by Jitu Das film reviews 2022

Pushpa is a nice thriller and a  unique movie in its genre, which makes it a very interesting movie. Does Pushpa have some similarities with KGF, it does have some KGF vibe but the story is completely different. 
Allu Arjun have his own style but in this movie he goes beyond just style, there is grit, masculinity, strength, cunningness and ego in the character Pushpa. Pushpa Raj dreams of ruling and he actively remains in his state of mind like a King, a owner not a labourer. He sits and stands with pride, a character who is ready to break rather than bending. 

Pushpa shows the smuggling world of rare red Sandal wood from the souther jungles of India. Red Sandal has ban on export in India. Pushpa has no moral about the world , he believes the world is not just, why he should be just. Pushpa believes that this is a dog eat dog world, where everyone has to struggle for their success.

Pushpa is a very interesting movie, because of the plot, music and cast. Casting has really good and typical and there is Bollywood  vibe in the casting, which I couldn't ignore. 

Anyway Pushpa has great music, very strong beats and beautiful lyrics. Music is one of the best thing about Pushpa, But I didn't feel like the cinema hall I watched had the best sound system. 

Pushpa is definitely worth a watch. 4/5

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