Wednesday, April 8, 2020

1000 Quotes/thoughts on Love, Life and Philosophy by Jitu Das Part 3

201. When you do work, do it with enjoyment, if you do not enjoy what you do it is rather better if you do not do the work. (1-10-14)
202. Do not talk with negative people about your dreams and desires and never believe them. 3-10-14

203. Reality is better than dreams, no matter how beautiful they are.
204. People are afraid of the future and they hardly live in their present.
205. You should do, what time requires you to do, you should not fight with the flow of time of life, you do things in time
206. that you are supposed to do that everything will be fine. 4-10-14
207. In life whatever you do every day, do it well, because you only live once, no matter what you do, do it well, because you will be doing it only for one time.
208. Whenever you feel bad, very sad, always remember that if you are doing the right thing then there is nothing to be afraid of, at least you would not regret in future or feel guilt.9-10-14
209. Even though you may not be perfect completely in life, but you can always be perfect in some work which will bring you joy forever.
210. We always fear that bad days will come to us, but worrying and fearing about the future we make our life miserable.
211. When doing something makes you happy, then know that it is love.
212. Do not ever try to change yourself. Love yourself the way you are.10-10-14             
213. What your soul needs more than anything in the world is freedom.
214. Freedom is where happiness lies.
215. Freedom is trusting yourself more than anyone else no matter how close, famous or great they are.
216. Freedom is trusting your own gut and doing what you want.
217. Freedom is the ultimate meaning of life.
218. Freedom to do anything, freedom to go anywhere, freedom to love anyone, freedom to do and be great, freedom to leave anyone or anything, freedom to protect your spirit, freedom to show yourself. Freedom to have self-respect, freedom to create and build things, freedom to sell and buy, freedom to know, freedom to say anything, freedom to tell the truth, freedom from fear. Freedom from all these things and everything that lets you down.
219. Freedom is preferring your inner voice and not listening to other’s to please them. You should not please anyone if it akes to ignore your inner true self. You are not an entertaining channel.
220. Just ageing does not make you wise, you have to learn by yourself.
221. Only a truly wise person shares his knowledge and enjoys it
222. The one who is no wise can not share or give any inspiration to the people.
223. Those teachers who have not yet realized that his students are his way to greatness, he is wasting his time.
224. Speaking ill of  others is easy, but to speak the good things about other people and things is the hardest things but a great thing to do.11-10-14
225. Happiness is the greatest inspiration and motivation to do any great work. I do not think that Dante was sad when he wrote Divine Comedy, he was happy that he had dreams of Beatrice, heaven, earth and hell and not just a few but thousands of them.
226. When someone says that they can not do something, that does not mean that you can not do that too. You are never equal to others, you are just unique, it’s the fact, face it right now.12-10-14
227. All the great things take a great amount of time and effort.
228. To become great anything you need great patience and concentration in one thing at a time.
229. You can become great any moment when you have a great idea that can solve the problem and frees a great many people from their sufferings.
230. Greatness is all about inspiring to live and hope for better days.
231. Some people believe that what they can not do is not right and cool but what they can do ‘is’ .
232. It is far better to stay single than being with someone who is not a kind and caring person.
233. Greed is not peaceful, appreciation is peaceful.
234. Appreciate everything that is there, because everything is better than nothingness, emptiness.
235. Appreciate the light, because the light is better than darkness.
236. Appreciate every part of your busy because they are busy keeping you alive all the time.
237. Two years ago, someone asked me on Facebook a question, why life is so hard. I did not know it then but today I realized that life is the greatest thing in the world and universe and now I know that I can give the answer to why life is so hard. To be alive, to live in the greatest, beautiful thing to do in the world. To be alive is a lot of work, so why do you expect life to be easy? Great things are never easy.To be alive, to be here, to thrive is the hardest things to do, if you die once, then you are gone, you are never gonna get this life back again. Life is hard because life is great and you must know that great things are never easy. So to be alive is doing great work and that is why you are a great person if you live a thrive at life.14-10-14
238. Doing the work you love is the best way to find peace.
239. Maybe right now you are trying to find out if it is the truth or not and if you should do what they do or not. It really does not matter you do not have to waste your time thinking about what your friends, colleges, boss, teacher, girlfriend, boyfriend and tv, films, media and everything on the internet tells you to do. Do what you do easily that you can feel proud of. Live your life with your own rules that lead towards your higher self.
240. There is no shortcut to happiness, pain comes first.
241. There is no need for you to do what others are doing. Whatever you do, do it your own way.
242. Maybe you can find what you want but will that be enough to find peace, I do not think so.16-10-14
243. You think that you will break if you do your work thoroughly but the truth is that you will be liberated from your fear, insecurities if you do your work thoroughly.17-10-14
244. Give love, only the act of love gives you love.18-10-14
245. When you believe in something beyond, you stop worrying about everything unnecessary for you and then you attain the peace that everyone should seek and find in their life.
246. If there is no true love and care, sex is just meaningless.
247. To inspire peace in the world would be great work to do.
248. To fire the light of love, compassion, peace and wisdom, one must create a peaceful environment.
249. How to know the right from the wrong? The things that are peaceful are the right thing to do.
250. Peace is all about the balance of all things that you do in everyday life, from eating, talking, working to sleeping.
251. Even though sometime it may feel like there is nothing to do, all the things surrounding may seem like dull and meaningless. But there is everything even in the nothingness around when you believe in something beyond, good, great and peaceful.
252. You should not talk about the future of others, because no one knows what might that person become in the future.19-10-14
253. Just because someone creates something, that does not mean you have to like or dislike or worship or think that you are any less than that person. Because everything you wish to be is already within you, just like a giant oak tree is within a small oak seed, you have to grow yourself every day.
254. They say be kind to people but I say be kind to those who need and deserve it.
255. Love the person, who can lift you up from your sorrow and depression. 20-10-14
256. If not doing something every day makes you sad, maybe you are born to do that work. It is strange but true that we are born to exist, but exist with joy doing what makes us happy that is called thriving.
257. The biggest dilemma of man is to believe in or not.
258. If you want to believe in God, believe in god, but at first, you would like some proof that God is real and not just imaginary, that is when you get all the facts telling you that God is not real, so you decide to not believe in god. But what if you just believe in God, would it not feel good, peace. Some say that peace is not real. But I think that peace is a good thing that everyone deserves no matter from where it comes.
259. Higher education is for the rich, but intelligence is for everyone.
260. Jealousy is a part of lust, not love.
261. Today I realized it for like realized that listening to music through the headphone changes the chemistry of electrical transportation signal in the body, which excites the body causing heavy sweating, rapid heartbeat. Rapid heartbeat is a terrible thing. You just can not seem to fight it. Rapid heart beating is not an always stress, sometimes it is the panic, sometimes it is caused by excitation, emotion and loud music.
262. Things are never hard, it all depends on how you think about it. I realized by doing practical work.
263. Why people make fun of each other? To make others feel bad, to make them angry. By making fun of others, people tend to discourage others not to do anything good, and different.
264. One of the worst things to say to people is telling them whom to love and whom to hate.
265. If you love someone when they give you what you want and hate if they do not give you what you want, then you are a selfish person. Do not love because you will get something, love because to be able to love itself is the reward.
266. No one ever become great without doing the work he loves. 24-10-14
267. Life is never about one thing, life is about many things. This life is about knowing and loving yourself, life, world and universe. Finding someone to do with the knowledge. Finding your soul-mate.
External beauty is the reflection of inner beauty.
268. Some things are cannot be done with open eyes, you need to trust yourself and close your eyes and do it just like playing the guitar. 25-10-14
269. Does love need proof? Maybe, but I know that true love have always proof while false love has none.26-10-14
270. Happiness is your birthright, be happy no matter where you are, if you have food, shelter, cloth and music, films, books, and of course the people that care about you.
271. Just because you do not understand something that does mean it is wrong. Some people try to understand the whole universe in his lifetime, but that is no easy task. They could not comprehend the immensity of the universe, so they get angry by getting overwhelmed by the infinity of cosmos and call it all meaningless. They do not see the creation of stars from the dust; they do not see the vastness that is beyond our grasp. Some see the cosmos in a different way; they see it as the creation of god. Some do not see anything, they do have neither time nor interest to look up and see the sky. They are too busy in their life racing towards their goals competing with friends and neighbours.
272. There are some people who just do not know what to believe anymore and yet they believe the truth. There are also some people who are mystical type. They search and find signs, symbols and meaning everywhere, in every dream to every waking moment.
273. Art is the expression of the soul, while science is the expression of the mind. 27-10-14
274. Is there any true love? Do you have a true love for someone? We all expect true love from others and then we think that we will also give our true love. But what if everyone thinks like that?
275. People do not want to live in peace.
276. Ego, doubt, fear and inferior complexity they are the greatest enemy of peace of mind and joy in the heart.
277. It is a great sin to wake up or to disturb a man in sleep.31-10-14
278. Our bad expectation of the world comes from the narrowness of our own mind, not realizing how beautiful the world can be .4-11-14
279. When you give someone something, if you do not see the gratefulness in their eyes, it hurts. Instead, some people would even complain about your gift, so what should you do with these people? Should you share with them or not? Maybe you should not because some people never change, they remain same and they suck .8-11-14
280. If you do what is required, then everything goes fine. 10-11-14
281. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, you have to do what is required to do today. 15-11-14
282. I do not need greatness that involves destroying my health, my mental and physical wellbeing.
283. Being alive is the greatest thing to do.
284. People who sleep more, live longer. Sleeping 8 hour is a must for good health.
285. The part we can remember of the dream is the imagination. We cannot remember the real dreams.16-10-14
286. You cannot be great, you can do only great work. Greatness is defined by time.17-11-14
287. Greatness comes from sharing greatness.
288. When there is a goal, there is inspiration, motivation and above all, there is this unbelievable patience to do the work, to walk the path towards your goal.
289. Greatness comes from following the great too.21-11-14
290. Nothing great will happen in your life unless you become passionate and start doing what you love without fear and shyness.25-11-14
291. One of the most important lessons that I have learned is that everybody lies, so don’t believe everything that people say. 28-11-14
292. Life becomes hard when you do not trust yourself. 29-11-14
293. It’s got easy when you focus how far you have come in life than how much further you have to go in your life because no one knows the future, it is mostly different than we expect.
294. People lie all the time. Even your parents, best friends and your lover. So don’t  just listen to  people and believe them instantly.2-12-14
295. I have realized after watching feminists and anti-feminists fighting each other on the internet, but these fights, allegations against each other is leading us nowhere. So, here is what I think how that helps me to cope with the situation without fighting – “ It does not matter the gender, race or religion, the one who deserves should win the struggle.”But how do we decide about the essential, deserving qualities?
296. Politics, Art, religion, philosophy and even science do not give entire truth on its own, but together they get you you closer the truth.
297. So, what are the worth having the thing you should pursue in life? Fame, fortune, power, admiration, love and respect, they are all the most wanted things by the people. If you do not have fame or fortune, you can be still happy if you have love and respect.
298. Feminists make women feel like victims, so does the anti-feminists to man.
299. If you hold on to your little unhappiness can lead to great misfortune, so let go of your little unhappiness. 3-12-14
300. How to know if you are good or bad? Well if doing bad things makes you feel bad, sad, then your heart is good. 4-12-14

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