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1000 quotes/thoughts on Love, LIfe and Philosophy by Jitu Das part 1

1. Everybody is having problems of their own, maybe you are too having problems, so be nice to everyone and keep the peace.

2. When you do the work you love to do, you do great works.

3. There are no rules, rules exist only in the mind of the people.

4. Don’t blame other people, I think saying the truth is enough.

5. Don’t be afraid to take a step. Break all the fear of uncertainty and failure. Live by yourself, you are special and unique just like everyone. Be free from all the fear that is stopping you from living the way you want.

6. Don’t search for the perfect one. Who loves, cares and understand is the one you need. It does not matter who shall spend time with you, who is spending time with you is the one you need and matters.

7. Maybe you should realize it fast that it does not matter how long you live. It is always about the activity that makes you happy or makes you feel like it’s a beautiful day.
8. A man having inner peace would never hurt anyone and yet he must protect himself from the unnecessary pain given from others.
9. Keep patience, you need it more than you think you need.
10. Stop worrying about your past and future, because only thing that most matters are that what are you doing at this moment and how are you feeling about it, if you are having a  good time, keep doing it, if not then do something else.
11. If you have an interest in something you will know it in your heart and mind all the time.
12. You and I always know in our heart what we really want in our life. But we get worried if we don’t get what we really want. The remedy is to believe in your talent, your inborn talent . You will get what you want, just follow what you love. Always believe that you are good at something. Your work is to find out what you are good at not what other’s are good at.
13. Do not worry about death, do not fear death, because death is a  part of life. Death is what makes your every moment of everyday life so precious only if you can appreciate it.
14. If you are with some people and you are feeling bad and lonely. It only means that you are hanging out with the wrong people or they are simply mean, ridiculous and rude people. For your own happiness, stay the hell away from these people.
15. The most reasonable purpose of life is to enjoy every little moment, every little thing in life. So, enjoy life, your life.
16. There are two ways you can spend your life, living in now at this moment learning from the mistakes of yesterday or you can live like that past matters more than now.
17. Your world looks like the way, the knowledge you have, make you capable to see the world.
18. For peace in the world, there should be no divisions among people created by the misinterpretation of religion and politics.
19. Love any people with any colour, race, language and religion.
20. Follow your instincts, you will never regret.
21. Every good work has its need. When you do work, do not worry about if there is a need or want of the work that you do, just do it so well that people would want to see the work. (31-8-13)
22. Be the man, whom people may need in their life. More than that, be the man, whom you may need in your life. ( 31-8-13)
23. Do not worry about who you really are so much. It matters a little who you are or who you were. What matters most of all is what you want to be. Your dreams of future worth much more than the nightmares of past life. So, do not give up on your dreams and keep trying to be who you want to be.
24. If you want something, get sit, if you don’t get it, there will arise a belief in your subconscious mind that you can’t get what you want. This belief will keep making you sad in future you may forget what you wanted badly, but the sad feeling about yourself that you can’t get what you want will live as long as you don’t get what you want. If you want anything in the world, take it seriously, get it anyway. No matter what happens, no matter what people say, no matter what great books say, you must get what you want but long as it is a good thing.
25. There are two kinds of works in life. Works that your family, society, job and the world demands you. But, the other work is for both you and the world. That work is the work that your soul demands from you. This is the work you should do in your life to do great works.
26. Let the world know how good you are by doing good works that inspire or help the people in need. 
27. No matter what condition or situation you are in, happiness lies in your health. What is health? In easy words, health is the good feelings about your body, mind and social reputation.
28. Life is too short not to do what your soul wants you to do.
29. Our every choice can both create and destroy ourselves and our destiny.
30. The easiest thing in the world is to fool yourself or pretend to be someone else and not be yourself. Being completely honest with yourself is the hardest thing in the world. You know what you want and who you are but you still doubt just to destroy who you are and be a shrink.
31. Do not hide. Time is running out. Be who you are or never. Do not waste time not being who you really are. Express your true self.
32. You have a beautiful smile. Do not hide your smile, just because some people do not like your smile. Their opinion does not matter. Keep smiling, it is your right and makes others smile too. Just smile and shine up the world.
33. Fall in love, make friends with anyone you like, don’t worry what would others think or talk about that. Because when you are alone, they don’t give a shit about you, now, if you have found whom you love, why bother about what would others think?
34. Stop changing your attitude from person to person regarding their socio-economic status. Behave nicely and kindly not with people who are rich and scholars treat the bigger and the fool nicely. Just be nice to people.
35. Don’t be afraid to show who you are. It is a human urge to show who we are, through our work, show it by doing your work, works are for fun, Stop thinking about what others would think, do the work you love and enjoy doing. Let others think what they want, why should you care?
36. We think that the present defines our future. But in reality, the future does not exist. So stop worrying about the future. If you have found the work you are born to do, there is nothing to worry about. You only need to do your work as much as you can. If you have not found it yet, keep searching within and without.
37. Don’t fear the people and what would they say about you.
38. Don’t be a personality that others think is right for you.
39. There are two ways to live life, live with your true nature or live hiding your true nature. Express the good in you and make the world a better place.
40. Life ahs limitless roads. You can not calculate loss or gain before taking a road, But instinct tells you to go for what you really need. I think instinct is the choice that prefers your utmost need like survive.
41. There is no right way except the instinct’s way.
42. We are all mad for something. It’s not a bad thing. Just do not let others make you feel that it’s a bad thing.
43. When you succeed in your life, some people will feel bad and would hate you thinking that you are the reason for their bad mood. But do not worry about them because the truth is that you can’t satisfy everyone in the world. 
44. I believe that true love still exists even though the concept of virginity or loyalty seems corrupted nowadays.
45. Any man can be great, but for that, he must find his field.
46. Sadness can make you realize who you are, because, in sadness, we lose our ego and tears clears the eyes to see our own true selves.
47. When you are confused in two or three ways what will you do? For you, all three ways are right. But you don’t know which is the most right road for you. Then you can not get help by thinking about what you really want. You have to consider the roads on the basis of your need not just want. Then instinct plays the role to show you the way. I am not talking about sudden impulse here. Instinct knows most about your need. Instinct is what tells you whom or what you love, what you need. What do you think as right today, may not be right after 5 years or next year? Instinct is the heart’s guidance over confused conscience. Believing in instinct means believing your heart. By heart, I do not mean the pumping organ in our left chest that supplies blood. By heart, I mean the core, the inner and ultimate wisdom that lies in our subconscious mind.

48. A happy mind and body can achieve way too much more than a tired mind and body. So, keep your mind and body happy by sleeping, walking in the park and with good nutrient foods for both mind and body.

49. Change is inevitable. Everything is changing. Your life is also changing, mostly unknowingly. Make sure that your life is changing your desired way not other’s way. (10-9-13)

50. The good life is like good photography. You may not be able to capture the best shot in one click. You have to click more, just like you have to keep trying to get a good life.

51. You can be expert at anything if you love it from your heart. You may not be good at work at first, but if you love it truly, you will be amazing finally. Keep trying, one day you will find yourself smiling.

52. Many families are so busy making their life a mess by criticizing, cursing, fighting over small things with their own members of the family, rather than having a good time by loving, caring for each other. They don’t care about the world and its wonders.

53. Too much thinking can drive you mad. You need to express your thinking in your own way, don’t keep it inside. Expose now, whatever that is bugging you is also killing you. Expressing is very important, you only suffer when you hide. The best way to express yourself is to do what you are good and you do enjoy too.

54. The health of mind and body is better than anything else in the world. So always choose health.

55. If you want to be a great person, then you must inspire others to be great too.

56. To find peace, let everything go, but this moment and the good old memories.

57. Forgive those whom once you have trusted to be your friends, but you were betrayed, ridiculed and laughed by them. Forgive them for the wrong they have done. Because forgiving feels much better than holding the sadness, the anger they have caused.

58. Do not cry over past because tears are blurring the beauty you can see, the beauty that is around now.

59. The jealousy inside you is hurting you, do not be jealous. Get busy making your life beautiful rather than being jealous of what others have done with their life.

60. Look at the people as a miracle as beauty, do not judge them as bad or inferior because everything has a beauty and goodness inside it.

61. Enlightenment is a view that shows you the connection between yourself and the universe. Enlightenment makes your life serene and beautiful. Enlightenment brings the freshness in life, makes you fall in love with life, world and universe.

62. True knowledge is what gives you the insight of who you are and what you really need from life.

63. In order to find something, you have to search for it. In case you are searching for insight, you must search within with an open mind.

64. Tue will is very powerful because it was the true will that took the man to the moon.

65. When you will see who you are and what you can be then you will know on your own what our true will is.

66. Life has many roads. You must follow the road that is easy for you and only if you want to reach the destiny that road will take you.

67. Destiny is not a place, destiny is not a definite age, destiny is not a result. Destiny is the works, actions that define your ultimate true self.

68. You must walk the road where you know that you can express your true-self one day.

69. Most people are unsatisfied, it’s because they are lacking a hobby. A hobby is not just for Sunday. Every day you must do your hobby, otherwise, you will get a little angry. All work and no hobby leads to unsatisfaction.

70. The day, you start trusting yourself is the day your life will start to become amazing.

71. The work, you do not need any reason to do is the work you are born to do.

72. To be able to laugh you need to be like an egoless baby and when you laugh, you feel the ultimate joy, which is not the smile you give and take. To be free from the anxiety of ego, laugh. It does not matter how great or small you are. Make others laugh too. 

73. Do not try to be great, don’t try to be famous, try to be yourself, you are an original spirit. Be what you are deep down, don’t let other’s thoughts to influence you. You are amazing al your own.
74. Be yourself, being yourself means doing without any guilt. Never feel guilt about what you enjoy doing, even if your family, friends and society tells you that you are wasting your life away. It’s your one time life, so live your own way, rather than regretting when you get old.

75. If you want to do any great work, then there is only one great work you can do and that is to do what you fully enjoy doing, do the good work when you do that, you forget the world and all the troubling thoughts, conflicts. So, my friend, bravely does what you enjoy doing, ignore other’s suggestion because it’s your life.

76. Every alive person must have a desire just like your mobile need s a battery. To live in a tune, you need to want, you can want anything and then trust your within, get out and keep going to get what you want. Your one-time life is short. So what do you want right now?

77. Be happy, love the people you live with, I mean your family. Without the love of your family, you are nothing. To be loved, you need to love too. No one loves back unless you love. So learn to love to be loved, enjoy and appreciate the love and be happy.

78. The moment you think you should quit trying, you are no good for it. Remember all these thoughts come only when you are very close to getting what you desire.

79. If an idea is useful to everyone, then it can change the world, and the name of that idea will live forever in that idea.

80. You are much more than you think you are.

81. Confidence in yourself is all you need to go on and fight the obstacles in your life.

82. Don’t ever disrespect anyone, respect and love the people around you.

83. Always remember love, kindness and forgiveness are the greatest things a man can give to another.

84. We need money to buy food, clothes and other things. Use the money for your and other’s good, not to show off. Money is not worthy without your love and care in family, friends just like fame.
85. Love inspires love, hate inspires hate. To love is a greater feeling than to hate. So, be with people who inspires to love, so that you fall in love.

86. There is beauty in everything. That is why we all need a true teacher whatever you or whomever it may be. But you need someone who can guide your life showing you the beauty that is hidden, the beauty that can ease your heart, even when life seems too hard to live.

87. All you need is a strong desire for something to keep you going on in the road of life.

88. The greatest peace is having the self-consciousness in now.

89. Live life fully, this is the greatest aim of life. But how can you live fully? You can live fully by doing the work that best matches your personality. You can live fully by having love and care in the family. You can live fully by appreciating the beauty of nature, being curious about life, world and universe. Curiosity makes life beautiful. Be curious to learn new, watch new, meet new. You are limitless, much more than you think you are. ( 4-11-13)

90. When I was a kid, people used to ask me what my aim in life was. I did not know. Now, I know, my aim in life is to wake up every morning with the hope of enjoying every little moment of life fully mostly by doing what I love and find easy, cause any day could be your last by the view of probability. This way you can filter out the things that don’t matter to you and keep matters most, to be happy more rather than worrying about the past and future, since this could be your last day.

91. There is a cause for everything. If you are feeling bad, do not think that you are feeling bad for no reason. There must be a reason, just find it and solve it. For example, if you are having a headache then go to sleep. There are about 200 types of headaches, but mostly you have headaches because of anger, loss of sleep, gastric problems, too many pressures on the eyes.

92. Be inspired to make your own success in your life rather than being jealous of other’s success. Jealousy is like rust, it rots the person who is jealous. That is why find inspiration from other’s glory and make yourself glorious too.

93. Do not search for the meaning of life, because meaning is created by the sum of your works in life. Your meaning of life depends on what kind of works you do in your life.

94. World peace will come when people will start to care about people more than that they care about colour, race, religion and language.

95. A happy family is where all the members love, respect and care about each other naturally regardless of age, gender, personality, look, career or job.

96. A family id the heaviest and important component of your life. Thus we all wish for a happy family, where every member understands you.

97. No doubt that the most important reason that makes a family happy is love.

98. In a happy family, they provide a great company and listen.

99. In a happy family, parents understand what their children want to become in their life and guide the path.

100. In a happy family, the parents teach and encourage their children to have happy life rather than only demanding good grades, because life is not determined by the grades, it is determined by self-will and imagination.

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