Tuesday, April 7, 2020

1000 quotes/thoughts on Love, LIfe and Philosophy by Jitu Das part 2

101. In a happy family, parents don’t shout and curse children when they make small mistakes, instead, they simply teach their children that making mistake is not a bad thing and they should never get afraid of making mistake because making mistake is part of learning.
102. A happy family knows the art of living and applies it to their family. The art of living is one of the most beautiful art by which human can achieve or reach the highest level of happiness in life, which is indeed the greatest success on earth. Discipline, regularity, neat and cleanliness, the economic condition of a house are all parts of the art of living.
103. A happy family believe in the virtue of love and sacrifice and have a great sharing and caring attitude towards each other.
104. You can not be happy even if everybody loves you even if you want if you are not happy on your own.
105. The reason most people can not be a leader is that they want to be the whole of the organization. But to be a great leader one must do best by being a part of it not trying to be whole of it. Think about it !
106. Everybody belongs somewhere. Nature of man will take its own course slowly and mysteriously.
107. Don't worry, because it often hurts more than what shall happen to you.
108. Always remember this when you get doubts -
109. In life, the first step to anything is the hardest and the next steps get easier as you go along.
110. We all think that the future holds something great for us. That is called hoping for the best. I hope too. But in doing that, I mean thinking too much about future could make you lose the sight of people who love you now, could make you feel lost, could make you miss the beautiful sights of today. It was a beautiful today
111. When you realize something beautiful or good in anything, that is when you lose your ego and without your ego become fearless of what others might talk and think about you.
112. Nobody wants pain. By pain I mean nobody likes things that give them pain, for example, painful words, painful sound, painful scenario and so on. But there will be always pained in wherever go or don't go. You may think staying at home might be comfortable but without a little pain, even comfort becomes a source of sorrow.
113. Always remember shyness doesn't exist, it is the ego actually that stops you from connecting people.
114. Do you need inspirations in life? Yes, we all need inspiration. Inspiration is the virtual fuel that gives you the energy in your to move on towards your goal.
115. The idea of having a soul is great. That makes us feel that we can be noble anytime with our good deeds. What does good means? Good means anything that brings love, joy, light, peace and laughter. Maybe it's the ideal good I am talking about and of course just like an ideal gas, it may not exist. If there is a place that holds the ideal goodness that must be heaven! But that can not be true.
116. Good exists everywhere. There is holiness in every good place. In my room, the light is coming through the open windows and softly blowing fresh air entering. There is peace in the morning. There is a growing red rose by the window. Good can be found in your home if you only see it.
117. Do not worry over a problem, analyze and focus mainly on finding a solution with patience. When you worry, worrying makes you feel bad and always remember that with a bad mood you can not find a solution and without the solution, the problem remains there making you suffer continuously.. - J.D.
119. Times are hard, of course, it is so fast, that is why it is hard to catch up. You grow up so fast, the world madly moves around, human progress goes on too. Your jaw drops wondering how in the world you are supposed to live your life.
120. What stops us from anything in doubt.
121. It is the doubt that stops us, a doubt that tells that your life will be ruined if you go this or that way.
122. Doubt keeps you irritated and unsatisfied even though doubt may not exist as a physical barrier. But a simple doubt is so powerful to make any strong man lose their inner peace of having a clear determined path or road of life to walk on.
123. Doubt keeps mankind unsatisfied leading to exploration of its self.
124. Doubt is not one of the things that are for everyone.
125. Doubt is for those who may or may not unknowingly seek the truth of himself.
126. Doubt is always has been from the time human started thinking.
127. Doubt will always be there in the human soul as long as the humankind exists.
128. But what is doubt? What does doubt do to live? Especially to those who can think? and only life that can think is human as far as we know.
129. Doubt is wanting to reach two goals following two different paths or sometimes one goal but having doubts about following which road?
130. Doubt is not being satisfied in one path discarding other similar paths that may cross each other in future or not.
131. Doubt means having found yourself dwelling in more than one thoughts, paths, way or goal.
132. Doubt is being afraid to make a choice because by making a choice you can steer your life into a whole new direction to a whole new road towards a different goal.
133. Doubt keeps you on dwelling and never gives you any rest, peace or happiness.
134. In doubt, you do not move, you simply pause inside stopping yourself from all the fun and joy in the world, preferring to solve the puzzle of doubt at first. But doubts never ceases to stop, because, in life, you want to control everything, thus knowing that each choice impacts your life, you tend to become very careful in making choices from eating the largest piece of cake to having the latest model car to having a gorgeous life-partner. And yet thousands other choices still waiting for you approvable. How do you make the best choices ?? Some does not care about the best choices, they are very ethical, they were brought up that way, they would ask, how to make the right choices in life?
135. Why do we get doubts? Is having doubt is okay?
136. Having doubt is normal. We get doubts from our deep psyche, so that we think about what we really want or not. We just do not get doubts. There are reasons why we get doubts.
137. What kind of people gets doubts most?
138. I think that people who take life as one big-great adventure or as a one time experience tend to get more doubts in life than those who do not think like that. Because people who believe that life is only for one time, they become very careful in choosing things that matter to life very much. They are very careful in choosing a profession or a job, by doing which they would spend their earning money. These people get a very hard time choosing a job line or choosing a wife or a husband. Because they are too scared to trust life. They just can not simply let life happen, they want to know the future and they are always worried about what will happen in future. They do not know that future is uncertain and full of surprises and surprise is what makes so amazing. Life is about living the surprises of each day, today and tomorrow. You should not try to know your next day or next year. All you should know and concentrate is in now. You must have clear ideas about now rather than tomorrow or in the future.
139. You can do nothing in your life if you care very much about what others would think.
140. The heart is the source of all beauty, joy, love. DO not break your heart just because some have no heart.
141. Sadness has its reasons to come. Sadness comes so that we search for remedy and in that search, we find something we have always needed but forgotten.
142. You may think you deserve to do big work that matters to the world, but that does not mean that all the work that is not famous or have little or no wealth in it, does not matter to the world. Well, all the works in the world do matter.
143. Everything counts even though we do not think it does. The body of mine and yours could not work well if one part is removed. Thus everyone in planet earth counts.
144. True love is what makes two human being complete not just physically but in the depth of their soul. True love binds two souls.
145. Our soul seeks freedom from the man-made world to the world of nature. Our soul prefers to dwell not in this soulless world but in the world of great imagination.
146. Imagination is what makes life interesting. Without imagination the world is dull. All mind or psyche or our soul seeks to fly in the world of imagination.
147. But why the psyche needs to dwell in great imagination? Our soul needs to dwell or escape from reality so that we can find inspiration to live and enjoy life more.
148. Love that makes the fear of death disappears that love lasts forever.
149. Love is the light of life that shows the way and ease our journey towards our destiny.
150. To be loved especially is a great success in life.
151. To have love in your heart is not a weakness but a strength that frees you from ego and fear.
152. Not everyone can love unconditionally. But to know if you could or couldn’t, you have to love without desiring any rewards.
153. To love is itself the reward.
154. Learning to enjoy the work you do takes some very basic interest.
155. Love that remains your whole life is true love.
156. Love that makes the fear of death disappears that love is true and it lasts forever.
157. Love that costs your life is not true love.
158. What keeps us truly alive is not just food, it is having a strong will to live, love and great curiosity about life, world and universe.
159. Just because you have no supporters now that does not mean you are doing a bad job, because many works now considered to be great works of great people once used to have no supporters at all.
160. What choice is there we have in this life that itself is floating in a planet around a giant star? The choice my friend is to trust your instinct and see what happens.
161. Unsatisfaction is a disease and satisfaction is the death.
162. We all need a guide to guide us to the right path.
163. The only way to be truly happy is by using your talent.
164. Follow your instinct, listen to your heart, you will never regret.
165. Life becomes beautiful when you begin to look around and realize the beauty of nature everywhere on earth.
166. The only thing that matters most of all is staying alive.
167. Do not fight the flow of life, the people, the world and everything is changing. Do not fight the change, even you are changing, no matter what you think.
168. When you do something, enjoy the work while doing it rather than hoping to enjoy the result of your work in the future. ( 20-9-14)
169. Do not ever let anyone make you feel less than good enough to fulfil your dreams and desires. ( 22-9-14)
170. Do not be afraid of anyone or anything thinking they have the power to break your spirit. Do not ever think that you are not good enough. Never use behaviour to entertain anyone by compromising your self-respect. So, be a great free spirit because your life is in your hand, not anyone else’s. (23-9-14)
171. Sometimes giving up also means letting go of ego. (30-9-14)
172. Your job is to be yourself, not to judge yourself.
173. Beauty is all around us in the world. To be able to see and enjoy the beauty of nature in peace. ( 27-9-14)
174. Never give up enjoying life doing what you love because if you give up, your life will become meaningless, filled with regret. ( 24-9-14)
175. The remedy of loneliness is learning to appreciate life, family, nature and all the beautiful things you have. (24-9-14)
176. People would start to call you mad, out of your mind, when you start following your dreams.
177. The problem with modern people is that they feel ashamed to express their love rather they would pretend that they do not care by being distant. (25-9-14)
178. Greatness does not need fame, glamour or worship.
179. Great people are those who help in making other’s life better, inspiring others to follow their dreams.
180. Sometimes you may feel like you have nothing to do, but there is always something to do, one of the best that you can do is take a breath slowly. (26-12-14)
181. You know where your heart is, you must choose between the two roads. But it doesn’t matter what you should not do, it’s all about following the good intended feelings. ( 9-2-15)
182. Hiding seems easy, but to reveal the truth is easier, but you feel like you should not because that might make you weak which could not be further from the truth, as to express yourself without the fear of being ridiculed is one of the most courageous things that you should do in your life.
183. Never ever give up enjoying life doing what you love because if you give up, in the end, you will be regretting. ( 12-9-14)
184. To love is letting go of all sin, guilt and fear.
185. To love is to enjoy. To enjoy is to love. Enjoy the things you love and love the things you enjoy. ( 18-9-14)
186. Every day is full of light and every night is full of darkness. If you worship light, that means you do your work in the day and rest in the night, but if you worship dark, that means you work in the night and sleep in daylight. It is your choice what you want to do? ( 21-9-14)
187. For what reason, we keep going in life? The answer is the freedom to experience. (23-9-14)
188. 24- 9-14
189. Never punish yourself. Never think that you deserve pain and punishment, just because you made mistakes. Because if you yourself start to punish yourself, then ask yourself what is gaining by that?
190. Nobody can understand the mess you are in, do not bother feeling bad if nobody asks if you are alright.
191. Loneliness is just like hell for those who have not yet learned to appreciate life, nature, music and all the beautiful little things in the world.26-9-14
192. Struggling is never easy. It breaks your bones and gives pain in your every limb.
193. The moment you start to think that your success in life is in another’s hand, the moment you become weak and the moment you think that your success in anything is in your hand, at that moment you will find all the energy rushing to your mind, body and soul. Never fear, dare your fear.
194. Never fear anything or anybody. Dare everything no matter what or who between you and your success.
195. No one can bring you down if you just believe in the great beyond if you have faith in the god, the supreme wisdom and grace.
196. For a student, he must find joy in his study, otherwise, he is wasting his time complaining about how much he has to study, while others are chasing girls.
197. I write quotes not because I know everything, but to read the words that I want to hear in the time of my need. Sharing it with the world is just for fun.
198. Trust your instinct and you will be great and if you doubt your within, you will regret. (6-9-14)
199. It hurts more than when you do not care for others than when you do care about the people. (29-7-14)
200. Everybody is needed somewhere, it is destined. The thing is that you need to find out where you are needed most. (2-8-14)