Wednesday, 27 September 2017

When you are confused in two or three ways what will you do ? by Jitu Das philosophy

     For you, all three ways are right . But you don’t know which is the most right road for you. Then you can not get help by thinking what you really want. You have to consider  the roads on the basis of your need not just want. Then instinct plays the role to show you the way. I am not talking about sudden impulse here. Instinct knows most about your need.. Instinct is what tells you whom or what you love, what you need. What do you think as right today, may not be right after 5 years or next year. Instinct is the heart’s guidance over confused conscience. Believing in instinct means believing your heart. By heart I do not mean the pumping organ in our left chest that supplies blood. By heart I mean the core, the inner and ultimate wisdom that lies in our subconscious mind.


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