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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Success is doing what you love by Jitu Das philosophy

1     Do not try to fit in where you do not belong. If you are oil, you can not mix with water, you will need alcohol to mix with, there is no nothing you can can do about it. You are just who you are and you need to be there where you belong. You are different and you need to define your own self and your success and failure. Some people define success by money, some people want power, respect, some people do not want anything, some people want to find the meaning of life, some wants to know about how to heal people who are suffering physically, some people want to heal the people who are suffering mentally, some want to know how universe works, some just want to create music, some want to write a novel or poems, some want to design and create new architecture, some want to paint, some want to do photography, some want to sing, some want to dance, some want to cook, some want to create apps, softwares or games, some want to drive or ride………….. and it goes on. These are different people with different ideas about success and failure. There are more than a thousand different work to do in the world, you have to choose one or two or three to earn money and enjoy life. Read what I think about success and Success and failure, if you you want to know my own views on success and failure. But that just me and you don’t have to find them as your own views, because you may have your own view and that is the most important challenge in life.


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