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Monday, 25 February 2013

What is satisfaction ? Benefits of unsatisfaction by Jitu Das philosophy

What is satisfaction ?

  • Satisfaction is a state of mind. In a state of mind ,if your mind checks the status of mental and physical health and if your mind find that your overall health is strong,then that is called satisfaction.
  •  Your mental satisfaction depends on your physical health. But,when you are healthy, then your mind seeks various objects to be satisfied. Human satisfaction is like hunger. We eat 3 times a day, but when the digestion and excretion is done, we get hungry again. From our embryonic stage to the last stage, we eat. We eat food for energy, most of our foods are from plants, the meat and fishes are from animal kingdom. In nature, every living organism is connected with each other. Just like Isaac Newton said, every particle is connected with each other via the force of gravitational attraction. We are also made from the cells, which are made from the protoplasm and the protoplasm,which is known as the material basis of life. Protoplasm is mainly made of oxygen,carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen,which make up 95% by weight of the body. Among 92 naturally occurring elements, 24 of them are essential elements for life. You see, we are also made up from the elements that made the universe.
  • Gravitation  is a force which is acts upon the smaller objects, because of vertical bending of space fabric, caused by bigger objects. I think that, just like gravity pulls smaller mass to larger mass. Just like that we are attracted to follow the bigger masses. We are attracted to read the best sellings, watch the most viewed. Its in our deep atomic  conscience  that leads us which is big.
  •   Satisfaction is found when you have a positive status, you check your statuses in every field of human aspect.where your mind asks question and your mind answers.( but unconsciously but sometime consciously) Questions are related to statuses of health, wealth, personal success, family relationship, and social reputation. 

  •  We all compare ourselves to the people who are inferior or superior to us. But when we compare ourselves with the people who have less than us, we feel good,lucky about our status.We feel satisfied.But, when we compare ourselves to the people who have everything ,we dream to have, we feel bad,unsatisfied. Thats why I regard comparing as a loosing game.You do not win in this game. Because in the world you will meet many kind of people. So stop comparing with others.If you want to,then compare yourselves with you of yesterday. Think,are you a advanced person  today than your yesterday. Keep improving, keep learning, do not be afraid that your mind will blow up. We only use 1% of our brain. Your bran is much more powerful  than you think it is. 
  •  There is great saying we can never become satisfied, because our want is infinite. Is there a reason,why nature made us like that. Why can't we never become satisfied. Our want increases everyday. Its a life long journey, we keep fulfilling our wants, after having what we want, something else pops up as our next want. But, to be alive we only need a limited number of things.

1. Food
2. Cloth
3. Shelter.
4. Sleep
5. Excrete,bath.
6. Work, money.
7. Society
8. Book
9. Music
I added book,music and film because I regard them as my needs. Without music,I could hardly live. Because from 2008, I started music regurlarly,and now it became one of the reason that made my life beautiful. Music is majic,it can be described so little,but felt so more.It uplifts the soul( unconsicous mind). Good music is like eating cake.
I added film,because it has always been a need for me.
Books are also my need, books have taught me that life is beautiful. We must make it more beautiful with our good work. Good work is anything that pleases your heart. Good work is anything that you are good at doing and is moral.
Though,the saying says that we can never become satisfied,because our wants are numerous.
But I think we can be satisfied when they have found what they need as their character demands to be make their life beautiful.

  • Benefits of unsatisfaction:- 

  •  The nature gave us the feeling of unsatisfaction. I think there is reason. Unsatisfaction helps in evolution. Its the unsatisfied people who changed the world and made it how it looks today. If primitive peope were satisfied with cold, they could never use fire. If they would have thought,its their fate, they would never evolved. Then in the 14-17th century,the  renaissance  period changed the whole world so fast that in the last 1000 years(500-1450,middle age).The reason behind this was unsatisfaction. The people of europe in the middle age ,was convinced that there is a heaven, an afterlife. They were satisfied,so the never bothered to create art,to think new. But, after when the capital of Roman empire got attacked by the Turkish,the  Greek  pundits ran away with the great books of  Greek  to different countries of Europe. Meanwhile in the middle age,people were only concentrating on afterlife. But, when people started buying  Greek  books from the pundits,people started to realize that life is beautiful. There is so much we can do in our life. Then,many people started to make their life meaningful by doing what they love, people started to become painters, thinkers,writers,scientist and in this period people became great with their work that touched the world. People of  Renaissance  were great,they changed the idea of our reality, they saw the beauty of the world,they searched for the meaning of life,because they did not want to believe whats been told 1500 years ago. Galileo Galileo and many of them were sentenced to death for showing whats reality. In this way, we are evolving,developing or advancing as a species far more than the animals, because of unsatisfying mind.

  •  Some great people of Renaissance period are

 1. Leonardo -DA-Vinci,Michelangelo,Jan van Eyck,Raphael, Raffaello Sanzio( ARTISTS)
2. William Shakespeare,Ben Jonson,Gil Vicente ( Authors)
3. Galileo Galilee,Johannes Kepler,,Nicolas Copernicus,Giordano Bruno( he proposed that sun is a star, for he  got burned at the stake by Roam inquistion) ( astronomer/Philosophers)
4. Isac Newton.John Napier,,Marsilio Ficino( Mathemattician)
5. Francis Bacon,,Thomas More,Desiderius Erasmus,( Philosophers)
 6.Andreas Vesalius,Carolus Linnaeus,Robert hook,  ,J.e. Purkenji (Biologist)

  •  The unsatisfied mind is a curious mind, he seeks to learn more, discover more, explore more.He who is unsatisfied with his particle like knowledge,he seeks to learn more from the the sea of knowledge and wisdom.If you want to know more, you are alive.

  •  An unsatisfied mind is a creative one, he seeks to create what is should be created.A writer tells the stories that he think should be told to the world. Often these stories makes people cry,laugh and warm the hearts of the readers.

  •  Unsatisfaction is also an inspiration to be better. There is a famous saying that everything will be good in the end,if it not good now, then its not the end yet. Our life may not be what we want it to be today,but we must keep trying to get what we want, untill we get it. 

  • The questions that has been annoying mankind in the deep are---------

 1. Who you really are ?
 2. What is your destiny ?
3.What is your purpose of life ?
4.What is the meaning of life and universe ?
5. Is there is a god or not ?
6. What is reality ?
7.What happened before big-bang ? 
8.What would be the ultimate technology in the world ? 
  These questions are asked and being asked by the people who have an unsatisfied feeling about how the religions describes the life,world and universe. 
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