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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The errors of modern society by Jitu Das

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Rich people wasting food, poor are eating that !

I think that day by day society is becoming more mechanical in mind and heart. Everywhere I see people with a phone in their hand. There is a whole world of internet, people, community. Everything on net is digital, image, books are digitalized. Thousand of different software for different purposes. I can't believe sometime what human have achieved and we are contiously developing in science & technology. Without machines, our progress is nothing. Machines are everywhere, from the turbain, nucler reactor which provides us elctrictiy, the TROLL which is gas cracker in Norway, and it provides gas supply to whole Europe. Machines are everywhere. Machines are the inventions of great minds which are made for one common purpose that is to please human. Machines such as Aeroplane, helicopters are made for to fulfil our very desire to fly like the bird in the sky, they also changed the concept the vastness of our planet earth. The speed is what determines the distance. Now, jet aeroplanes has made us able to travel around the world in a week or less. Aeroplanes have really changed the world. Travelling around the world is not a big deal if you have capital or money. However, travelling around the world is still dream for who are curious. You see, not everyone is seriously interested in that. Most people thinks that it is impossible. If you are both curious and brave enough to travell around the world, don't tell about it to the people who are not curious. 

What I want to say is that even though we are so much advanced, we have the schools. College and universities, but why we have no institution where we can learn to enjoy life with a mind free from ego & jealousy. Now everyone has a degree, of the non-practical education. What I feel about today's world that the capatalists waste food, electricity,paper, cloths. The industries owned by the capatalists don't give a damn about environment. While rich people wastes those above things. In India, everyyear more than 150 people dies of coldness. In my state Assam its temp is avg. 8 degree celcius. Our country India have the 2nd largest populated country in the world. Its more than 121 crore. people and 32 % of the 121 crore are living BPL. Its very sad and may be obvious. I don't know all the reasons of proverty of Asia and Africa. The main reason, I think , is lack of confidence, curiosity and wisdom. Japan is in 2nd position in the economic field, how ? Even though 2 atom bombs were dropped. What inspired the Japanese to achieve such level. I found in a article that a research was done and found that Japan has translated all the great books of world in their langugae. A great book is what above all inspire a person to become self reliable. After gaining self -confidence the people improved their life, when the people try to improve themself by practical education, a country can prosper. 

I think, it does not matter not being practical. In our education system, one who memorize notes is given good grades. I think it does not matter how much a person knows unless he or she makes other people knowledgable too. William Sakespear said that don't let others know what you learning. I hate that quote because if the scientists would thought like that, we would have done no progress. Sharing is one of the greatest thing you can do. What I see about the society that people do not like share a smile, a looking in the eyes of each other. 20 years ago, the nighboures were regarded as family. Now, everybody is busy, stressed, fucked and messed up. People are getting obese,diabetic. The teenager are getting addicted to drugs. But this is not the whole image, the news channel and paper only tells us what bad happened today. There is no good news, good people on the t.v. There is no inspiring serials in tv. Films are seems all about action and adventure. Films has a direct impacts on the society. 

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