How to create your passport in India by Jitu Das's How to Essentials book

1.     What documents are required to make passport in India

I don’t want to linger on about it and go right to the point of how to create your passport in step by step system:

1.     First, you need to go to, then you need to register as new user, this option will come at the left upper screen of the passport home page.
2.     Before registering have these following documents with you, because you will require them:         
                                            A. PAN CARD
                                      B. VOTER ID CARD
                                      C. AADHAAR CARD
Note : Incase of Assam, there is no need for Aadhaar card , since NRC is not complete in Assam yet.
3.     There is also other information that you should write down clearly like house address, house no etc.
4.      There is another option where you need to put whether you have a job or not, and if you do a job, name the organization where you work, for example, if you are a teacher, you need to write down the name of the school where you teach.
5.     If you have a job, you will need to prepare a N.O.C( No Objection Certificate ) from the director of your department. Again for example , if you are a teacher, you need to collect the N.O.C from the director of education of your district of your workplace. But first, you need a forwarding letter from join- director of education department of your District. Collect two Original copies of N.O.C. from the director of the department.
6.     After collecting the most important document required for  passport if  you a job, you can keep photocopies or scanned copies just incase.
7.     After N.O.C., the other important document is Class X original pass certificate or Birth Certificate, Bank passbook updated, Voter id and Pan card, identity card ( If you have a job ).
8.      After if you have all the documents mentioned above, you can register and pay the fees 1500 rupees ( If you are applying for 36 page passport) or 2000 rupees ( if you are applying for 60 pages passport).
9.     After paying the fees online, take the print out receipt which will automatically generate after successful payment.
10.            Now you should take an appointment for submission of application in nearby passport seva Kendra ( PSK). You can choose a date from the available date.
11. On the date of appointment, take all original documents of class x certificate or date of birth certificate, updated bank passbook , N.O.C if you have a job and voter id, pan card, driving license and take the photocopy of the originals with you. Don't forget to take the print out of appointment.
12. When you take a appointment, think whether you can actually visit the psk on that day.
13. It takes about 2 -3 hours to complete the whole process, the process  is divided into three section, A, B and C. In A section, your documents will be scanned and uploaded into the system and then in the B section , the verification officer will check the uploaded documents and ask to show the original documents like Class X certificates for age proof, updated bank passbook, voter id or pan card.

14. After submission of passport application, you will get a receipt that says subjected for police verification with your file.
15. In general, the passport gets dispatched after 3 days of submission of your application, you might require a police verification or not. Sometimes you don't require a police verification. In the case of a government employee, he gets the passport delivered to home within 3 days after submitting all the required documents in the passport Seva Kendra ( PSK).
  16. If your passport does not get dispatched within three days after submission of application at PSK, then you have wait for a few days, because your file is probably initiated for police verification, and if verification does not complete with 3 weeks ( 21 days), you have to contact the  SP office or Police thana of your  address.

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