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10 Reasons Why You should buy a tablet by Jitu Das Tech Reviews

Today I bought this tablet and it's pretty amazing, it's just what I needed for so long, this is perfect for me. I am feeling 100% creative with this tablet
. I don't know not why but I feel really great. It was a good decision to buy this tablet. Today I learned one thing that you should follow your heart, when the heart dies,  there is  no life. I think you should buy a tablet too. I am not just going to give you 10 reasons to buy a tablet . Because I have read those articles and they are not helpfull. So I am going to tell you how I came to buy a tablet and what are the reasons I bought this tablet. I am not going to tell you just now which tablet I bought. Because the purpose of the article is give you some real reasons and explanation about a tablet and it's usefulness. The main reason people don't buy a tablet is because the size is bigger than their pocket and it is not easy you carry around. The question is that tablet is not just a tablet,  it defines a lifestyle.  Tablet brings the comfort for mainly  for readers and writers. Many sites are saying that a tablet does nmore than a laptop, yes that's true. But the thing is that it's you who have to do the work, no,attractive where you work, smartphone,  tablet or laptop. As a lover of both reading article  on net, reading ebooks and writing , I was missing something with the smartphone and a tablet gives all the necessary function a smartphone lacks. The main dilemma begins where you get confused whether you should buy a tablet or not, then you start to search on Internet,  but there is no answer that can convince you to buy a tablet or not. If you are confused just like I was , then it's the right article for you to read. I am giving you some real reasons why you should buy a tablet if you can afford. There is no need to buy a tablet,  if you have a good smartphone already or a laptop and if you don't feel the need. If you don't feel the need to buy a tablet  , then don't. This article is for those confused fellow,  who feel the need to buy a tablet , but they can't afford high price tablets such as ipad, galaxy tab S etc. If you need a tablet and are confused about the benefits of a table.  I can't tell you how it will benefit others, but I can tell you clearly how it has benefitted me. As a writer, I am greatly benefitted.
Following are the reasons I think you should consider if you need a tablet but confused about its benefits:
1. Tablets have large screen and it the main reason to buy a tablet. Because it gives comfort to your eyes, while reading a article,  book or watching a video. If you try to read much on a smartphone,  your eye hurts.
2. Tablets have this appeal that no smartphone  has.
3. Tablets are great for reading books , magazines and articles. Tablet is a great solution to the problem of cutting of tress for making paperbacks.
4. Tablet is a dream come true . Tablet gives you true feeling of progress of mankind.
5. Tablet can perform most functions a smartphone can. Tablet is a phone , but it can also be compared with a laptop.
6. Tablet is perfect for student, because you can read Wikipedia like a book and you don't have to print anymore. The price of printing is so high and a tablet will give ease on your pocket money.
7. Tablet is perfect for teachers,  professor and businessmen. Tablet is the next generation digita database of book, where you are able to access millions of books along with thousands of public domain books. Tablet gives you the right on access the Internet to teach a topic.
8. Tablet is perfect for businessman,  for presentation,  note keeping etc.
9. Tablet is perfect for social workers,  because a tablet gives the best access and flexibility while connecting with people.
10. Tablet is most important for writers, journalists and blogger. It gives you so much comfort to do your work than you ever had in a smartphone.

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