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What is your value ? the "only way to become very rich" by Jitu Das Philosophy

1. Introduction

Everything has its value,  and you should always know that. But value of everything is not same. Among Gold ,silver and iron, gold is most valuable,  and it's obvious to everyone. To give you the idea of value,  I have to give a exactly what you need, yeah a real example. So,  it's not a lecture or anything.  I am just exploring my thoughts for the benefits of both you and   me. But it's more than just that.  It has to really work, otherwise you will be wondering what is that I am trying to talk about.

2. Why most parents in India want their children to become a doctor?

When I was a kid, everyone wanted me to be a doctor and I wanted that too,  until I started watching films and reading books filled with thousands of characters and I got confused about my career prospective. Then I changed my focus on finding myself, which again only just confused me even more. You might be wondering am I still confused,  I will tell you about that ended of this article. Back then I didn't really knew why every elders were talking to me about becoming a doctor. I really had no idea other than it saves people lives and it's a very cool job. Do you have any idea why most parents in India want their children to become a doctor one day. Because once you get admitted,  you will never to worry about money or getting a hand in marriage. I understand that now after passing M. Sc.  Well,  some parents also wish other jobs such as civil services,  engineer, professor.  But only a few parents ever wish for their children to become a singer,  musician,  scientists, inventor, writer,  filmmaker,  director, actor, choreographer ,designer,  artist ,businessman etc. I didn't know before when I was a kid,  why is that,  but I used to hear something like that these are god gifted people and only those god gifted people can ever dream of becoming a successful artist, creative, scientist, inventor, musician or a singer and even a businessman. (Are you still with me?  This is the important part.  )

3. Value attracts money, not what your job is. .

Do you know why is that  people,  relatives want you to become a doctor, engineer, professor, IAS,  IFS and all those jobs that gives you MONEY. 💰 is  something that you can not live well without.  Money is something you can never get enough, because there will be something to new you would desire and  would feel like you couldn't live without. Money is something that gives you security, that will need if you are planning on a arranged marriage. This is the ultimate reason why your parents wants to have a job that pays well, gives you money security, you became well eligible for marriage, now you marry anyone. Have you not seen rich people with very young supermodel wife, even though these people are from the business, politics, rich artists,  filmmaker,  actors,  singers,  writers. Not much other job that gives you so called money security never actually makes you rich. But it really does not matter what job you do,  unless you add value,  you will not be rich.  That's why your parents are likely to want you get the trending jobs not  the work demands a great amount of value, mostly in business and creative lines.  What makes you rich is always your value.  Nothing else matters.

4. What is your value? 

So,  the title question  is What is your value? Your value is what you create and how much it's  meaningful or matters to the world.  You can not be rich with Understanding this simple truth. If You are searching for easy money, that you can eat easily, then best way to earn easy money is creating and increasing your value everyday. If you want to increase your value, you have to be creative. Value is something you create with a day by day approach to a great level.  If you think you just money,  you have no time to create values. Then you will have a very time earning money.  Value attracts money, it doesn't matter how much you work,  if it doesn't a value ( a level of goodness that no one can deny,  for example can you deny the value of gold ?) If you want security in life,  which will require money,  for instance, if you get sick,  no amount prayers would work, I'd you don't buy medicine, take properly treatment in a good Medical Center. For that you will need money. It doesn't matter what job you do, if you can increase your value  by adding new ideas,  new methods, new viewpoints, how new style to the world, then know that you will never have to worry about not having enough money to fulfill your undying desires.

5. What is your value? 

Your value is what you do for the world.  If you are helping the people live a better, easy life, then you have value.  Your value increases with your services. Buy how to know if you have value? Remember everything has value.  But unless you are being creative, original and genuinely enthusiastic about what you are doing as a job or hobby or as an aspire , you can't create value.

6. How to know your value : Just ask yourself these 10 questions :

1. Am I having fun with my day to day life ?
2. Am I doing something I want to do? 

3. Am I following my dreams? 

4. Are my decisions slowly leading to my dreams?

5. Am I helping people to live in peace?

6. Am I inspiring others to live a better life?

7. Am I doing anything that I can be proud of?

8. Am I running after money or increasing my value one day at a time?

9. Will I be  happy if I have money or when I will have a great value to the world?

10. Am I concentrating my mind on increasing value rather than getting a job just for money?
If yes,  then you are creating your value  and one day you will be proud of it and money will flow towards you.

No I am not confused anymore,  I know what I want. I want to write, do some scientific research and have real fun with real people in the real world.

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