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How to live fully and stop living on autopilot by Jitu Das philosophy

Next step of life is not following others, it is to start following your heart.

Sometimes the next step is not following where other's are doing, even they are doing right, even though it seems like everybody is just rolling, how do you stay true to your self ? How can you feel the pressure being different. Everybody looks at you , they ask you what's  your plan ? And you say you don't have one, they say why don't you do this, do that, that would look good on you. They ask you do you have a girlfriend ? I say I don't have one , they say, you are a good looking guy, why don't you have a girlfriend . I don't know why I am this way. I guess I am nonconformist. I can't do something just because everybody is doing it. Do I feel bad being non-conformist, being different ?  When I am being different, I feel alive, but when I live other's guide, I feel weak, dead and I simply go to autopilot. I  realize it now that I feel bad only when I am trying to be what is expected of me. They don't own me. If I can't be what I want to be then I am not free. If I am nonconformist ,I have to be a nonconformist, for that I need to be free. What does freedom mean ? Freedom is  allowing yourself do the things your heart wants to do. The mind is always a conformist, following what others are doing, but I don't care about following others. I don't care about anything other than what the hearts wants. Sometimes when you have a nightmare ,don't worry , nightmares are the dreams that your heart wants you to see. Nightmares are the only thing that can show you what is going on behind the curtain, ie. subconscious mind.

What does  Nonconformists do ?

So what are you going to be ? The real question is whatever you are may be doing right now , is it your planning or  are you living a life that is expected  of you.  It is not easy to break this invisible force that cripples you from being anything you want to. This force follows you everywhere because it is inside the mind. I used to think I am my brain. While it is true, but there is more to  that. Conscious lies in the brain. That is why controversial Russian scientist valery spiridonov is trying to transplant head, which does sound crazy and yet if it becomes successful, the world will not remain the change. This is the nonconformist's way of  seeing life. All the great works, art, scientific discoveries, invention, war were the result of the nonconformist.

Be happy now, don't wait for future

It is upon you , whether it is okay for you to do what others are doing or you want to do something else. You should do the work that makes you happy, brightens your mind. If you find your work boring, its time to do the work you love and be happy. If you think that you will be happy in the future. But future is uncertain. You and I are not the sun and moon. We  are human, we don't have million years.

Do what you love, don't  do work that makes you go on autopilot :

So you have two option :
Be happy doing the work you love and live life fully or
Live a life that is expected of you to please others. There will be always others no matter where you go on earth. I know that you want to live life doing the work you love. But what is the work that you love doing ? Are you already doing it as a hobby ? Ask yourself what is the work that you can do everyday for your whole life. For me, I know I want to write my whole life. The world, the others will ask a question in your whole life, what's your job ?  How would you like to  answer that question ?
I would like to say that I am a writer and if I can develop other hobbies to good level, I would add them. In my life I have learned that your hobbies are not supposed to be  a daily  activity just like brushing your teeth in morning. Because that would be too  mechanical , auto piloting life sucks. Trust me. Whenever you find  your life, your surrounding, then heart just stops reacting, and the mind goes on autopilot. You live your life like a robot and that is what most people in the world are doing right now especially the city people. Whenever I go to city for some work, I look at people walking by, so busy, most of them are on autopilot. Auto piloting is not bad thing, shutting down their heart, they survive in the busy life. I am not judging the city people, its a necessity to survive. It is easy on autopilot, no one can hurt your feeling, its like a shield over your heart. 

Master your work   :

But would you like to just live your life on autopilot or would you live fully. To be live fully, at sometime point of your life you have to stop for a while and look where you are going. At some point in your life you have to stop following what everyone else doing, not because they are doing anything wrong. Its because in life doing what everybody, your friends are doing is not necessarily the right  thing to do. I know its scary when you are alone, but you can create your own path , you can create your own work and if you want to do that rather than doing what is expected. Because its when you live your life following others plan , you become miserable. But if you keep doing the work you love, you will become a master in that work one day.

Trust your instinct, you will get what you want in time :

Life is not just about work, you need love, family,  most importantly you need your health. In any field of life you will always two option , what is that you want to do, or what is expected of you. Don't believe the dogmas and propagandas, just trust your heart,intuition ,instinct, and if you trust them they  will somehow lead you to your own path, where the great things are waiting. Don't judge your life by what you don't have, because if you just around your house, you will find that everything you have right now, you did not have them before. It is just same for love, wealth and fame, whatever you want ,they will come to you on their own when you  deserve them.

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