Why do we need art in our lives by Jitu Das philosophy

Why do we need art in our lives ? Art includes music,film,paintings,poetry......
 What is art ? 
1. Art is beautiful.
2.Art is inspiring.
3.Art is great when it is easy and created for everyone.
4.Art tells you that you are not the only one who is having problem,sadness and trouble in life by expressing other's sorrow to you.
5. Art tells you that it is okay to fall in love.
6.Art is all about letting feelings to expressed losing ego, anger,shyness or fear.
7. Art is easy to remember.
0.Art is interesting.
10.Art makes you feel that you are human.
11.Great art unites people.
12.Great art clears the eyes of people and teach people to love people disregarding their race,colour,language,culture and religion.
13.Great art is all about being just human but not about separating from human.
14. Great art makes the artist immortal.
15. Art is not isolated from science, art may not tell the truth,art is the way,by which man can imagine without any rules.
16.Art is freedom.
17.Art is a way making life beautiful.We all use art in our life even though we don't notice it much.
18. If your house is coloured, then that is also a sense of art.
19. Art is not just painting with brush and drawing.
20.  My dear friend,art is much more than that.
21. Art is in everything you do, everything you have.All you need to do is open your eyes and see it.

 Why everyone talks about opening your eyes ? and no one really explains how ?
I think that opening your eyes means actually looking at the world with curiosity.
Opening your eyes means seeing beauty in everything and not just beauty and yet more meaning of the things around you.
Opening your eyes means looking at things that no one ask you to,no one usually teach you to.
opening your eyes means seeing something more, something good, beautiful and meaningful.
Art like poetry,paintings,inspire you to see beauty that is all around .It is that simple.
The greatest purpose of art is to inspire you to open your eyes,see beauty surrounding you and appreciate it and share the feeling with others.
Opening my eyes has shown me a world that is more much more beautiful ,alive filled with the grace of white light. Even though people are not living in peace and harmony,still I love the world,because world is not only about people( humans),its about beautiful animals,trees, its about the sunlight that brings daylight every morning.It is also about the plants that give us oxygen,fruits,shades,woods.World is also about the animal kingdom, including birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes too.World is about the beautiful sky and the stars up above so high. World is about the rivers,lakes, seas and oceans.World is also about the hill,mountains, deserts,arctics. So when we are living,we should not live neglecting all those things that is around,because in nature, there lies the deepest beauty, meaning and truth of life,world and universe.
We humans are just a part of our great green- blue earth ( green is the colour of the plants and blue is the colour of the seas ), but most people think and behave as they alone own the planet neglecting nature,plants and animals.

What inspires art ?
Art inspires art.Great art is what inspire people to create of their own great art from generation to generations.
Nature inspires art. Nature has been always the most inspiring part of any art,science or anything.Without nature ( the trees,the plants and the flower, the animals,the people, the sky,hills,mountains, river, sea,oceans, the rain,seasons, sunshine etc ) there can be no great art.

Right now I am looking at the old table, it is actually a desk, books and copies are on it.Behind the table there is five windows, the sunshine is pouring in my room, through the ventilators and the windows.
  Behind the windows,I can see the garage, the colour of the wall is surf.The sunshine is really shining, white light is rushing through my windows into my room,so much light.The light is making the room beautiful.The light falling over the books and the book covers are shining,sunshine is falling on my bed too.I am so happy,even though I am not smiling,laughing or jumping around but I am doing all that in my mind. I can see the garage wall surf coloured through the egg shaped window glasses.
If I have to talk about the feelings about all these,I need art.
If I think about it all scientifically there are reasons behind my happiness-
 First of all, it is the winter, the light entered to my room is a blessing because it warms my rooms making comfortable to me.
 Secondly the surf coloured Wall triggers a memory of my childhood.I have seen a small hut with surf colour when I was very young and in my father's village Gati,near Manas national park, Assam. I noticed some beauty there, a kind of fantasy, the feelings I felt I can not describe it clear enough, but I can only say that I felt what is pure beauty,I do not know why I saw it and I do not know if anyone else of my childhood friends that I was wondering with in the village saw that beauty or not. Most of those friends are lost from my connection and the girl,my childhood friend is also gone. A hut with surf colour.A poor family lived there. But I was attracted to that hut, the hut ,large ferns were surrounding the hut, and it was one morning in the winter, the fern leaves were shining,in a great delight for the sunlight, the leaves were happy and smiling, a connection was made, a long distance relationship.
It was a good memory.

 What is art ? 
I think that art is a way of appreciating beauty,good. Science is lost without art and art is too lost without science.What does it means ? 
Why art is lost without science ? and why science is lost without art ?
 Art includes painting,writing, music, photography, films, sculpture and art can be found in every work if it is done with passion and care, art is in life itself it is lived with love, care, beauty, passion, work, curiosity,wisdom. But to do something properly you need a plan, you need a map to go to place you do not know, you need to be precise about the measurements when you are building a house, or a sky scrapper, so that it becomes secure and lasting. That is called architecture where art will be at loss without science.That is where science will be at loss if there would not be art as a source of imagination, creativity,new and next big ideas.

Should all art have meaning ?
The answer to that question lies in what art is. Art is the expression of human heart and soul that rises as an response of emotion to things he have experienced in his life. The purpose of art is always the expression in the best way possible for one person. Art is not good or bad, art is just the collection of viewpoints of artists and people lived.Hindu and Greek mythologies are the example of great art. 

The meaning of art is debated so much.Some great authors believed that art
should have meaning in it, some said that art does not need no meaning or morals. What do I believe ? I believe that all art does not need to meaning or morals. But what I seek is the clear viewpoint of what the artist saw or felt ,a philosophy, and idea of life and I love arts that deals with the subjects of life and nature. 

What does great art do ?
Great art can express the feelings of not just one being but the feelings of from the first human ever lived to the future.Mythologies hold in it the  not just whole human history but also the future of mankind.

Abstract art 
Abstract art is not my favourite of course,because I find abstract art lost and yet some are beautiful and it is the that express the feeling of being lost and lacking clear meaning and doubt. The meaning of abstract art is not for everyone,because its meanings are too hidden.But I ma not saying that abstract is good or bad, it is just the way it is. What I like abstract art is that, it inspire you find out its hidden meaning in it, even though you may not find the exact meaning the artist implied, but you might discover a meaning in it of your own self, which could be benefiting,no doubt.

Portrait painting 
The portrait paintings are related with the face of people, and thus they are most famous paintings in the world ,including the painting of Monalisa, where it seems like she is smiling,many have found meanings in it, some are absurd and some makes you think.

Music is my life. Without music, life would very boring.Music makes us feel that we have a soul.We feel that when it touch it.Music should have refreshing element,it does not matter, it is joy full or sad, inspiring, motivational. Great music just touch your hear and lift up your soul. Music is universal.Music is a true friend, gives you company all the time. My favourite music includes Indian classics, Assamese folk-songs,American folk-songs, Folk-rock, rock, psychedelic rock,  British  pop songs, country songs and other good music including electronic, opera, hymns, new-age, chill-out etc.

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