Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How a happy family works by JItu Das

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Home is the most beautiful place in the world where we live with our family. There is no place like home,but one question asking myself is that what is home ?I don't know so much , I am writing this post BECAUSE I write about things I love. I love my home and my family and relatives who come to my home. Home is beautiful, peaceful and the most intimate place on earth. For me,
1.Home is there where people you love or the people who care and love you you lives.
2.Home is where we do our breakfast, our lunch.our dinner with our family and sometime with our relatives, friends and other people.
3.home is where we live with the people we love and care.
           In a home  people who lives are   together called as  Family .  Family is a group of  people regardless of the age , gender, personality,look,behavior, who either live together in one home or live separately in other home.  An ideal  family is consist of generally, mother ,father, sons and daughters.
4. Home is a place for human where they live just like  a nest is for a bird,burrow for meerkets,  groundhog , a pond, river, or sea are home for fishes, trees are home for monkeys, grasslands are home for deer, just like rain -forests only occupy only 3% of the world, rain-forests are home for the half of the world's species. And amphibians can live in both water and ground in their life.
                 In a family generally the people are .(1) Mom, dad, son, daughter, (2) Mom, dad, son ( one or more), (3) Mom,dad, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, grandfather, granny, (4) Mom,son, daughter, (5) Mom, son, (6) mom, daughter, (7) father son , daughter, ( 8) father ,son,( 9) father , daughter etc etc just many many combinations are found in different family.
                   The most important thing that makes a family real family is the (1) care for each other,(2) love for each other, (3) support, (4) protection or security (5) companion, ( 6) help( with money money , with work)
Family can be successful if there is care, love, respect and good attitude for each other. Members of the family should listen to each other's problems.
 Here are some of the most essential things for a family : 

(1) Care, love, respect and good attitude to each other.
(2) Listening to each other's problems, stories.
(3) Support, inspiration is  also one of the most needed thing every members of a family needs from each other. 
(4) Helping with money or helping solving problems
(5) Encouragement instead of demanding. For example,parents must not demand good grades from their children, because that would make children feel bad and it won't help at all, so  parents must encourage their children to get good grades if they can. Encouragement always works, I mean it gives good result. because encouragement is positive way of asking and demanding is always a negative way.
(6) When any member of the family get sick or depressed, rest of the family must take care of the patient,a family support will help recover the person fast because the person will feel the warmth of the care and love in heart which will care good feelings.
(7) Spending time with family. Holidays, weekends are the best way to spend time.
(8) Having the breakfast,lunch and dinner together, though its not possible for everyone but dinner must be done together if possible. Because if not possible, then you must be missing the good feelings that comes from eating with your whole family.
(9) Going to picnic, long drive, tours with family creates a great bond in a family and good time memories.
(10) Going to relatives home with whole family is one of the good feeling which bods family stronger.
(11) Playing games with your family has many benefits, first of all it creates a great joy in the family and it serves a good as good exercise which reduces the stress of both mind and body.
(12) sharing your thoughts and listening to others feeling is very important .
(13) Listen to older members with respect,Let the older members talk first, then younger should also given chance to state their view points. Older members of a family must not underestimate the younger ones.Everyone is unique in their own way, thus important for a discussion.
(14) Younger member of family is full of ideas especially the smaller ones, they can think beyond the older ones, because they have no restriction ,fear of any religious belief, limiting belief etc.The smaller ones are full of fun, imagination and full of confidence and activity. May be  sleeping  in the afternoon after having lunch is like a punishment  is most of the kids. I used to feel like that ,still many feel like that. Many mother don't let their kids play in the afternoon, because if their kids play , they will get tired and go to sleep early, which will  result no study. From a mother's point of view, that s right, studying is important for a kid, yet that kid needs to play, making new friends via playing,playing creates many friends, some  stay in your life, some leaves, but the memories always remain. I still remember the cricket plays, badminton plays, chess, kabadi, hide and seek, ludu etc. So, lets the kids play. Playing games is one of the great feeling.

 15. In every family, every member is talented in some field. For example, my dad ( deuta in Assamese) is good at managing the food supply, he never left the kitchen empty, but thats not his talent, he is far talented than just food supply. He is a  head-teacher, establisher of a school, where he is the head -master, he also started a social-circle in the name of my grandfather, he was also editor of a magazine called " Panka-Yug" means 'A bad time'.  He   is also a good speaker, thats why he is also a leader, because people understand a good speaker very well, thats why they listen, and people who have listeners are generally called a leader.Eveyone respect him. One thing I got amazed by my dad is that he knows about many real life stories. He knows many people's name. I like when he tells me about his childhood, and how he established a school., for me that was his big hit. I believe that he is satisfied with his career, I can tell it from his confidence. Success always increases confidence. A big success last life long. I am proud of my dad( deuta in assamese).

 My mom ( maa in Assamese & Hindi) is very good at directing. She takes care of everyone.She worries for everybody, just now she told me to sleep, cause its10.26 pm already .Well she is a nurse and doing this work for more than 25 years. 

 16. For a successful family health is very important.  Without good health nothing in life feels good. Thats why a good healthy diet must be followed. A good health increases the ability to work , think and all other activity in life. Good health is most wanted for a happy life. Cholesterol is the main reason for many disease such as high-pressure, diabetes, because Cholesterol in the vein and artery ,( through which blood circulates in our body) decreases the diameter of the vein and arteries which increase the speed of the blood passing via them
  Scientific study suggest us not to  take junk food and fast food because it effects health by causing High blood pressure, overweight, over-cholesterol etc. So for healthy family elder member must never bought junk food for them, because junk food causes addiction to it, because  heroine and cocaine is found in the junk food in a recent study

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