Monday, July 2, 2012

All about Indian Family by JItu Das

 A family is one of the good things in life. A family is thus most essential for any person. A family is a source of infinite love and care. There is no alternative of a FAMILY. A general family is consist of mother , father and their children. In India the mostly the father earns money. And the mother works at home. Cooking foods, cleaning house and most of all loving and taking care of everyone at home. A mother is the most important and significant member of a family. In India, Mother is also regarded as goddess. There is a saying in Assamese , “Aaer saman hobo kon ?, Noir saman bobo kon?” , it means that ” what else flows like river and who else love like mother”. Thats why the only one source of unconditional love in the world is MOTHER. No one loves more than a mother. I think it is scientifically, socially, psychologically true. A humane mother is at the top of giving parental care to its children. A mother spends her half life taking care of their children. But the sad thing is most of the children never show gratefulness to their mother. And that breaks my heart. A mother who brought up the children, is often sadly neglected by the grown up children, who no longer need her service. I wish the if the grown up children would have shown the mother love , gratefulness and care, the old mother and fathers would not had to live in the community center(Bridha-asram). I hate those who doesn’t love their parents unconditionally.

This neglected behaviour of SONS appears when they get married. The new member of the family suddenly change the course the inter family relationship. The sons now have to give or want to give their time to her wife. This makes sense. But not spending time with parents must have some reasons. For example, the job is far away home, so he can’t live at home anymore. Some people bring their wife or life partner with them. This is how the sons becomes husband. There is a saying, ” absence of sight leads to absence of memory. Thats what usually happens, when for a long time people doesn’t see or meet each they tends to forget. But this doesn’t happen in every family nescesarily. Because I have so many ideal family, where the family bond is strong. Most of us have a family. A family filled with endless love and care, lots of jokes lough and smile. A family which is organised by mom and dad. A family with whom we live our life, share our joys and sorrows. A family is a source of knowledge, culture, language, riligeon . There is many types of Family regarding the work with they are related. For example,A family of politicians where every person is related with Politics. This is very usual just like King’s family. A family where everyone is doctors are seen, A family of actors are very usual., just like that a family of singers and muscian too.A family of teacher is also seen. A Whole family related with sport are also seen.
So, a family becomes famous , when any member of the family or the whole family does glamourous jobs. For example, Being actor,singer, writer, being sportstar, scientist, film director, journalist, being very rich by doing business, social worker, owning a company, being related with politics, or working glamourous jobs . A family may face many problems in life. For example disease of any member, money problem, death of any member, difference in point of view, failure in exam or business, crime by any member of family can pretty much mess up the life of the rest of the family and there is many more.
But when guest comes in a family, the little children find it hilarious. There is belief in Hindu religion guests are regarded as god. A guest may bring happiness to a family. A guest is very much in need in the time of distress of a family. So, a family incomplete without ocassional guests who brings sweets, jokes and lots of laughter with them. I always love when guest comes in our home. We don’t have any guest room, because we treat them as our family and as well as they.
In most family ASSAM, members get togther in tea breakfast, rice breakfast, lunch, evening tea time and dinner. We have two breakfast in the morning, tea breakfast at 7 am and rice breakfast at 9 am. Lunch at afternoon at 2 pm, evening tea time at 6 pm and dinner is done between 9:30 to 10 pm.
In sunday a family spends their time together. Little kids watch tv or play games. In most family sunday is a blessed day. They go for a long drive or go to friend or relative’s house.
Family is has been always the greater part of life. But, not nescessarily every family is good or ideal family. Everyday many wife dies because of family abuse. Its so sad and annoying that everyday we find the news of murder of wife by husband and vice-versa because illegal love relationship or dowry
in newspaper and newschannels.
But what makes a family unique part of human is the unlimited love of mother, always caring,family members who have nothing but good intentions inside their heart.

 Relationship with animals :-
  1. An Indian family is not as friendly with dogs. We keep dogs, but its rare. Only one family may keep dogs, the German shepherd dogs. The rich penple keep them for preventing thiefs.

2. We don't kiss or cuddle with animals, but we have respect for animals, specially for cows and elephants. Most people don't like dogs.

3. Cows are used for cultivation. In Assam, cows are respected most, we have festivals like Cow-bihu,where,we bath the the cows in the nearby river,and a new bell is given to the cow. In India cows are regarded as mother,for she give us milk. We indian people do not steal,kill or eat cows. That is very restricted.Cows are also prayed as goddess in some states of India.

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