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Monday, 2 July 2012

How to make Assamese fried rice by Jitu Das

I wrote this recipe from my personal experience, I love to eat fried rice some time, you may also like it! But you have to know how to fry rice ! I am not a chef ( professional cook) , I love to eat different kind of food everyday, I am an Assamese and we eat three time a day, I wrote in my previous blog that most Assamese people earn money harvesting rice, we make many tipes food from rice. I don’t wanna tell you the secret of making special fried rice!!! , J.K. ( just kidding). Here it goes …..,.. At first take one cup of rice and half of a mug water and put them in the cooker, when it whistles one time turn off the gas. Then wait for the cooker to open by itself , be patient !, and when it opens the rice will be boiled and rice in its shape only bigger, not broken, then its ready to be fried. You take some oil in a pan , cut a onion into small pieces, then turn on the gas, then let the pan become hot, put the onion pieces in the hot ,stire it , then you put the rice in the pan, stire it,put salt , chilly, turmeric powder for the colour. And stire for a while untill its looks like fried. ( it looks golden when it gets fried)
Use the recipie , 100′/. Works. Let me know how you find it. Thank you. Do you want to make it for you , I am the best cook for frying rice , J. K. ,LOL !!!

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