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Saturday, 28 January 2012

What kind of films you should watch by Jitu Das

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  • Watch films that inspire the goodness, braveness, love, kindness within you. 

  • Watch films that takes you to a journey to your within to find out who you are.

  •  Watch films connected with nature, life, world and universe.

  • Watch films that makes you smile, cry and  laugh.

  • Watch films that teaches you how great it is just to be alive.

  •  Watch films that give you a new philosophy or way to love yourself, others and nature.

  •  Watch films that gives you happiness, content feeling.

  •  Watch films that shows a positive outlook towards life.

  • Watch films that create great illusions( I mean cinematography) great inspiring soundtracks.

  •  Watch films that has a message about humanity, love, nature, wild animals.

In these two days I have seen two great inspiring film. I felt really good. I always feel good watching a film. Well not every film.I have seen more 700 films in last 4 years. 2100 hours, I spent. If I had studied my text book, or played anything my family would have been proud of me. Its not they are not now. I can see it in their eyes that they are perhaps a little. But thats enough for now. For watching all these films I never felt bad about myself.Infact I am proud of that. Its not I am a proudy boy, reffering myself as a boy, because I am 19 years old and I don't feel like calling myself as a man. Is that okay with u ? So I watched " kick ass" yesterday. I think he film is great, the cool begining showed how awesome the film is gonna be.

 I think  A films becomes a great film by having the following 12 features :- 

1. A good story.
2. Good soundtrack.
3. Good actors &Acting.
4. Cinematography.
6. Movement.
7. Visual and soud Clearity.
8. Light and color combination.
10. Editing.
11. Clearly understandable, in case of thriller in the climax everything thats necessary should reaveled fast and a very intense music.
12. In case of romantic films the environment should be beautiful & colorful and happy. A little fantasy wouldn't hurt. Happy faces, happy beats, birds flying and chirping. Flower, rain, seasons, grass,trees, forest, and lots of happy people. Kids dancing & playing. Little Babys smilin. Sunshiny day, starry night,moon playing hide & seek in the clouds. In summer rainy night is most romantic. Every thing that is natural and beautiful is romantic. Dew drop in the edge of green grasses or in the tip of leaves, or the setting of sun, or the sound of fryng fish, oh the majical sounds of birds in the coconut tree or in mango tree.

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