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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


If you think you want to be a successful , rich,  happy and a healthy

person and you also  want to marry  someone you love ! well people say
that you can't  have it all, but  that doesn't mean  you can't have
anything , at least you should try to have a work you love to do.
    You can get anything you want , I wouldn't ask you the most
famous question " what do you want in your life ?" , ofcourse that is
a tough question, I guess the question is hard to answer because its
not 'the ' proper question that should have been asked . The  question
should be like this " what are the things you want to do in your life
? " ,because we all need many things in our life , everyone has a
different list of things  he want to do.

  Many people say find a goal , find a destination , well I say make

a list of things you want to do before you die, because my brothers
and sisters you got only one life , don't try so hard to find your
ultimate goal , because that doesn't even exist ,  more you try to
find your meaning or your goal or destination, the more  you get
depressed  & stressed. In simple sentence , don't try to find your
goal. Because if you really want to know what should be your goal ,
the answer is simple and you already know it ! ~  At first you need to
have a hobby , Your hobby  is what you love to do in your free time.
If you don't have any what  then  think  what  would you like as your
hobby . If you want your life  to be exciting  then you must find a
work that you love to do. If you want to find a work that makes  you
happy then answer the questions ~ what do you do now in your free time
that makes you happy , and all your worries  disappear, what kind of
tv show you watch ? , which page of a newspaper attracks you ? What
kind of megazine you read,  what kind of   people  you believe as
great people ? Everthing you think or do is telling you what you love
to do. Know your interest not others.  Be confident  about what you
believe as a great work, because you know yourself more than others.
Thats why it is very  essential to know yourself. If you want to find
true yourself , do what you love , do what you believe as a satifying
work. You can't love your work , unless you do what you love to do.
Its time to  believe in what you love to do not to get confused by
random opinion of others. Your life  will be filled with pleasure  of
happiness and satisfaction, which is regarded as the highest level
success. Improve your work day by day and be master of the work you
do. Don't worry about the money , it will flow to you. Just be the
champion of what you love to do !Don't try to  adjust yourself  where
you don't belong. Find the joy in your life doing what you love to do.

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