Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Indian Culture and Economy- Why K-pop and K-dramas are getting famous in India !!

I think culture changes with the change of economy of a country, South Korea have recently became a developed country while India has remained still a developing country. The culture of Korea is influencing our India, it can be seen in the growing interest people in K-pop and K-Drama. American culture used to be influential all over the world in 1980s and 90s. People all over the world used to wish to go America and settle there and live the American dream. But I guess it's changing now, different countries like Japan, South Korea have become a dream place for many instead of America or Europe.  I think it's the economy that also gives cultural boost to a country. Our country have remained in sort of a same place, we are tired of same Bollywood dramas, South Indian movies are also not giving us new feel anymore. Our own Assamese movie  industry mow produces much less movies than it used to, even though Assamese vlogs and YouTube channels are so many, but at the end of day, there is no new good Assamese movie or tv series to watch. I hope there will be some revolution in the Assamese film industry. In case of Assamese music industry, it's almost always been in great state, there is always good new assamese music available to listen. Maybe I am wrong, but we need art, movies and music that explores much more than the superficial side of life, the deeper aspects our lives that completely gets ignored in our art, movies which shall perhaps bring some peace, understanding, kindness and healing in our lives. 
I believe India will also be a place of dream for people around the world when we become a developed country, until we should remain creative, open minded and still safe guard our own culture and heritage. K dramas and K pop are showing the impact of economy on people, rich people, luxurious lifestyle, stylish fashion, the perfect face people with or without plastic surgery have some how attracted people all over the world. There is a great  level of excitement and curiosity arising for the Korean and Japanese culture. It's the proof that developed countries doesn't only mean economy, it also means influential culture in forms of Art, Anime, Manga, movies, Tv and music. 

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