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Giraffes are now listed as endangered species The species of the earth are going extinct at a faster rate than I have ever imagined. Due to heavy hunting Giraffes are now endangered and there are 68000 giraffes in the wild. Giraffes are often hunted for meat in the nearly two dozen African countries. They increasingly are targeted by wealthy trophy hunters as other big-game animals have become scarcer. More than 21,400 bone carvings, 3,000 skin pieces and 3,700 hunting trophies were imported into the United States over the past decade. For all these reasons, Giraffes are now endangered and it's a sign how irresponsible, disrespectful the human beings are even this age of science and technology and now that people can't see the need to protect the species. #giraffe #animalextinction #conservation #jibakul #protectspecies

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