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Why Assam's Kamakhya temple of is famous ? Scupture of Kamakhya temple by Jitu Das photography

What is Kamakhya temple ?

 The Kamakhya Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the mother goddess Kamakhya.

Why Kamakhya temple is famous ?

 According to the Kalika Purana, Kamakhya Temple denotes the spot where Sati used to retire in secret to satisfy her amour with Shiva, and it was also the place where her yoni fell after Shiva danced with the corpse of Sati. This is the resaon all across the country bhakts or devotees visit Kamakhya temple to get blessings from Sati,wife of Shiva.

How old is Kamakhya temple ?

 It was built many times between 8th century to 17th century. It was destroyed by Kalapahar, a general of Sulaiman Karrani (1566–1572). Since then it has been renovated many times and now it has hybrid indigenous style that is sometimes called the Nilachal type: a temple with a hemispherical dome on a cruciform base.

I visited Kamakhya temple in 2013. It was a great experince for me and our family. It has got ancient and amazing sculpture on the temple. Here are some of the most beautiful sculpture images on Kamakhya temple of Assam.

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