Assamese Film Bahniman 2016 review by Jitu Das film reviews

 This review is completely my personal view. Please don't make it a controversy, it would be foolish of you do so.

Bahniman had a lot of potential with best actors of Assam, but still it did not turn out to the film as people expected by watching the trailer and yet is new assamese film filled with really good actors,music and some action scenes. The story also about revenge, friendship and betrayal. You can check it out if you want.  I will give the film 6 out of 10.
 Bahniman has good picture and good actors, but it is still not attracting people in the hall ? Do you know why ? It's because people value their money, and nowadays assamese people have lost the interest in assamese movies and it is just sad as hell. It is very important to understand the about the people's need and which is not easy. 

Good things about Bahniman :

  1. There are many good things about Bahniman, but sadly it might not be able to make Bahniman a hit, but who knows at the end Bahniman may become a hit. The trailer was a hit all over Assam, everyone was talking about it. 
  2. One of the good thing about Bahniman is that this film has good actors, Jatin Bora, Yashpal Sharma,Ravi Janghu, Bishu Kharghoria  ,Arun Hazarika. I found Arun Hazarika at his best, he kept the comic vibe in the whole movie. He will make you lough for sure. 
  3. The action scenes were ok, but it would not be very appealing to you are used to Martial arts movies. But anyway there are plenty of actions. One scene where there is a chase in the speed boat, that scene is great and puts in the film in the action genre. The soundtrack " Kola kola" by Angarag Mahanta( Papon) is a great song and uplifts the film.
  4. The main element - the story, dialogues are ok, but lengthy and repetitive, which might annoy some people or excite other people. The story involves 4 friends who were separated by an horrible event, where a Land-Mafia Kanu Sharma kills the  parents who owned a land in Guwahati city. The story mainly involves the Land-maffia and Police and a political leader who plans to destroy Guwahati city by bringing Bangladeshi militant.

Goofs :
plenty of goofs. One of the goof is that Ravi Janghu gets shot in the hand in a scene but his hand is automatically healed at night, when he went to officer Preety's house and hits her in the head, but she gets injured in hand. Anyway it's okay if you are not detail person.

Final Comment about Assamese Film Industry : To answer the  real question  do I recommend this film to watch is tough for me. As an Assamese , I have got to say yes, because Assamese film industry is not at it's best time, even though great Jyotiprasad Agarwala made first Assamese film " Joymoti " in 1935 and I keep wonderning why filmmakers of Assam are not making movies like Jahnu Barua, Munin Barua, Jadumani Dutta, Sumon Harippriya etc. What they did was always felt like assamese movies.  I think to keep the assamese films alive , we can't just save it or grow the industry just by watching by any assamese film, we have to work hard all the people related industry to trust in our culture and learn from our great directors like Jahnu Barua, Munin Barua, who made assamese films 10 years ago and people still watch those films in Tv.

This is what happens when the filmmaker throws away the assamese standard and adopts the bollywood standard, beginning the film with item song, that is what we need. Everytime a new assamese movie come out, our heart fills up with proud and we go to cinema hall and dragging friends and blaming the ones who wouldn't watch the film, then you buy a ticket and enter the hall, then you see that hall is about empty, and you sit down in your seats and you think that this is going to be a good film. But just like all those flop assamese films who tries to Bollywood commercial films they end up becoming another waste of money, time and talent.

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