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Fisheries and Aquatic Research Publications by Jitu Das Research works

  1. Water quality assessment of Nursery pond in Dabliapara in Barpeta District, Assam. Research Journal, Volume-II, No. 1,June 2016, ISSN NO. 2455-6637, Published by Research Cell, (IQAC), Barama College,Barama ,2016
  2.  Water quality assessment of Capture and culture fishery in Barpeta District,Assam, India Published by International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 
  3. Medicinal Plant wealth of wetlands in Barpeta District  ,The paper has been accepted for publication  in  the  proceeding  Volume  of  seminar  organized  by  ADP  College  having
    ISBN no.
  4. Current status of Fish Diversity of Kamandanga beel of Kokrajhar District, Assam, India
  5. with a brief note it’s threat and  conservation published by International journal of Plant,
    Animal and Environmental Sciences, Volume 7 , Issue 1, ISSN NO. 2231-4490

    Quality Assessment    of water  bodies  and Human  Interfereces  in  Lower Assam,  India,
    published in Environment, Ecology and Humans  : Challenges and Contestations (2016),
    ISBN- 978-93-82549-55-0, Published by Tandrita Bhaduri for Rachayita
  6. Physiocochemical Parameters of Pagaldia River , A northern tributeries of Bharmhaputra river  in  Assam“Research  Journal,  Bajali  College,  Pathsala,(2014)A  peer  reviewed
    research journal of Science and Humanities,Vol-1,No-1,ISSN-23498374

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