Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bajrangi Bhaijan( 2015 film) review by Jitu Das Film reviews

Bajrangi bhaijan (2015 film) is the best Film by Salman Khan. Bajrangi Bhaijan tells the story of a 6 year old Pakistani mute girl who gets lost from her mother on railway from India to Pakistan. Then she finds a  man known as Bajrangi in a mela in Kurukhetra. It's about,  a man born in a Brahmin family with RSS father, expressing his humanity towards an unknown girl. This film may has it's goofs,  but I don't know any film that doesn't have at least one goof. 
What matters is that I have not seen a film like this about Indian Pakistan relationship.  The truth is that we grew up watching films like Border, Mission Kashmir , Refugee, Loc Kargil,  Tango Charlie.  All of these films couldn't not show us what Bajrangi bhaijan shows us,  a different picture, point of view or refreshing, positive view towards India Pakistan relationship. This film somehow shows us that a different  country does not mean that they are not human. In every country, they are human with humanity. 

This is really a entertaining film with a powerful story about humanity over religion and refreshing songs like Tu chahiye, Zindegi kuch to bata and Tu jo mila.

Kabir Khan direction, cinematography was really good,  a bit predictable but it doesn't matter.
The soundtrack by Julius Packiam is what  filled the film with positive vibes, a good soundtrack is which is usually not found most Bollywood movies.

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