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Saturday, 29 November 2014

My ideas about feminism and what can save Europe and the world by JituDas philosophy

I think that Feminists lack their feminine characters( amiable, sweet, lovely and above all kind not aggressive to the whole mankind because they might have hurt by someone or something self imposed victimized notion. For this feminism is a idea which can not help the world,  especially the women. Because I have doubts those feminists are the best friends of women. Men are actually more ready to help and support women,  it is the way mother  nature created us man and woman completing each other. Feminist misdirects this nature of human disrespecting the men, because as far as I have seen, I have seen good man and woman living together with love and respect for their whole life. So don't let this selfish, power hungry, greedy,  lazy woman who don't believe in humanity but in their feminism. Interesting thing is that those feminists they have lost their feminine characters. If you want to really want to do something good in the world then you can do that by supporting the good men of the world  not by trying to be equal of men,  because you could never be. Being a man (XY) is not something is not something in your chromosome. I am not criticizing or blaming the good women. I am asking you to trust the good men. Men and women have come a eternity together helping each other to this day and we have a long way to go. Always remember how the world exists, the world exists because there is love between man and woman. Do you wonder why birth rate is decreasing in Europe ? I wonder sometimes even though I am not an European, but as a human being I worry about the humankind ( men and women ). It's because of all alternative relationship among men and women. I have no problem with those relationships but I wonder what happened ? Neither answering those questions is  my attempt nor criticizing,  but truth is truth and it reveals the reasons behind the lower birth rates in Europe. The main reasons are maybe  :
1. May be the lost belief in god makes planning for future meaningless, that is why many people don't get married.
2. Or the feminism motivating career orientation. So those women have lower priority on getting married and having kids.
3.  May be it's the generation problem, it's just that you can't blame everything on those feminists !  The generation born between 1980 and 2000 are called Me generation,  the selfish generation that does a soul search a lot,  but the destiny which is death does not matter, the journey matters, which philosophy just blow away morality if the destiny doesn't not matter, then we lose something very important and great, which is Hope. And that's what is happening, the hopelessness in the future. Future is uncertain but that doesn't mean that we should not hope. Without hope there is no future of Humankind. Hope can only found when we do the right thing. The right thing is anything that helps the world,  not divide it. There is already too much division in humanity, but when there comes a situation where women hates men and men hates women,  things get real hopeless. To achieve hope for future men women must work together helping, supporting each other because it is the hope of eternity that can save the world whether you believe in God or science.


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