Monday, 5 December 2016

Angels and insects 1995 film review by Jitu Das film reviews

I loved the movie, mostly because it's about a scientist falls in love with a beautiful gitl ftom a sristocratic family. The plot of the story revolves around 1850, when Darwin published his book on origin of species. The scientist William Adamson marries the daughter named Eugenia and lives with the family and also studies the insects of the estate. In his study, a girl named named Matty Crompton shows her great interest in insects and asssist and inspire William to write a book on Insect behaviour. And there are other much interesting parts of the story that I can't tell because it will be a spoiler.
I highly recommend you to watch the film. Music by Alexender Balanescu was a great treat to me as I am a lover of classicsl music.


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