When was the Treaty of Yandaboo signed ?

The Treaty of Yandaboo was signed in the year 1826. It was a peace treaty between East India Company and His Majesty the King of Ava that ended the First Anglo-Burmese War. The Treaty of Yandaboo was signed on February 24, 1826 by General Sir Archibald Campbell on the British side, and by Governor of Legaing Maha Min Hla Kyaw Htin from the Burmese side. The Yandabo treaty marks the start of British rule in Assam.

The treaty ended the longest and most expensive war in British Indian history. Fifteen thousand European and Indian soldiers died, together with an unknown (but almost certainly higher) number of Burmese. The campaign cost the British five million pounds sterling (roughly 18.5 billion in 2006 dollars)[3] to 13 million pounds sterling; this expenditure led to a severe economic crisis in British India in 1833

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