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Saturday, July 20, 2013

My best friend of childhood by Jitu Das life stories

I was alone and my loneliness was increasing, the days were long and boring. No matter what I did, I always felt like I did nothing worth. An emptiness was always there with me and nothing can fill the space inside my heart. I was missing someone from my childhood, She was my best friend, when my brothers used to be my greatest enemy ! I hated my brothers,they used to treat me like a little kid, well I was a little kid back then, so what ? They were only 4 years older than me. They three used to have their great adventures, cycling, fishing,fighting and wander around everywhere in the village and when I want to be a part of their adventures, they never took me and my ma was like extra careful, she used to fear that if I go with them in cycle, my little  feet  might enter to the  sprokes  and cut my  feet. She used to fear that because this event had happened to many kid of many age. After many years, a girl got her feet injured when she was getting carried to home from school. Her name was  Miranda, they used to rent our house.
So, I couldn't go to their adventures, and I had no other friends other than her. She became my best friend very soon, I don't remember how, we used to have our own adventures. There was ladies cycle, she and I used to cycle around the village. There was a freedom in cycling to other villages and I never feared of getting lost. We used play marbles, hide and seek, Kabadi, ludu, cross games. We used to have fun all the time. There was a whole wide world, new places to see, new adventures to make and time fly away. Those days have passed now, no matter what I do, I can not live those days, I can not get her again. Oh ! She was so beautiful. She was my girl. She looked so good in her white frocks and many small orange stars on it. She used to be all fun and she was always there to play with me. But, time is so cruel, I wish I could appreciate her company more than I do now. Seems like I miss her everyday now. But there was nothing I could have done ! As we grew up, she found her girl friends in school and I also found my own friends in school. Then a distance came along I never imagined. We were now growing fast, and yet we were playing hide and seek in a house nobody ever lived. But when everything was good, something happened. Her parents had a fight with my parents, so we were no longer meeting each other. Years have passed, but I did not met her. I was busy with my school, studying, playing, passing time with my friends and also fighting with them. Days passed like the clouds, I can no longer see those clouds of life. I always wished if that fight would have never happened, we could have been great friends. But, that fight has poured so much bitterness that I was not allowed to meet her and neither she was. I don't know if she miss her childhood days now. I don't even know where she is now ! What she is doing ? All I know is that I miss her, the girl from my childhood. She made my childhood a better childhood. Without her company, my childhood would not have been sparkful. She is the spark of my childhood.
I heard that she got married and now I don't know if I could meet her again after ten years. Even if I could know where she lives, I couldn't speak a word, because the words can not express the emptiness I feel without her, all I need is to hug her tight to tell how much I miss her. But I can not do that and I won't do that, because she is married now. She is not my best friend anymore ! But, she lives in my memories and plays, laugh and smile with that little kid that I used to be. 

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