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Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Letter to My Younger Self by JItu Das stories

A letter to my younger self 

Dear younger self,

If you are reading this, then know I am now 22 years old. But if you get this, do not read it, because it will ruin the authenticity of life. That is why I have written this just the same as I did and I am happy what I am now. That is why I want you to read, watch and learn what will make you me but an better version me and you will have the same soul as mine.
Most important things you can learn is on your own without anyone telling you learn about it. The most important lesson I have ever learned was that life may be mysterious and we even do not what it really is. But life is amazing, beautiful. I think of life now as the greatest thing in the universe. Then we are human, even more amazing form of life. I want you to be your guide so that whenever you get confused, you find the answers to be better in future and be a greater soul
1. The first I want you to know that you should leave those people close to you immediately if all they do is betray you, ridicule you, humiliate you. Stay away from these people but forgive them because it feels better than holding anger and hate. 
1.Never doubt the love of your family, they love you unconditionally. They are your best friends. 
2. Never be rude or humiliate others, so that you can have many friends.
3. Just do what your heart tells you, but make time for what you should do too.
4. Read books like David Copperfield, The man who planted trees, Harry potter, The Alchemist, Frankenstein, Jane Eyre, The time machine, 20 thousand league under the sea, Mahabharata, Ramayana, How to stop worrying and start living, The importance of living by Lin Yutang, read Homen Borgohain, in his writing you will find many answers that will arise in your puberty. read poetry by Wordsworth first , then read by William Blake,then read by John Keats ( The Autumns kind of changed my life, that poem gave me eyes to imagine, then I understood how great poetry is and fell in love with them. ) Reading poetry would make you able to control and create your imagination. The poems of William Wordsworth are about nature and man. His poems would make you interested in sociology later.
5. Watch films that will change your life. First watch Jurassic Park, this film would always be your inspiration to create the impossible. Then watch the Mummy, it will later make you mystical. Back to the future, Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, Star was , The Matrix, Terminator 2, Alien, The fifth element, Star trek, Twelve monkeys, Total recall, Robocop, The thirteenth floor, Brazil, Contact, Mad Max, The time Machine. Try to watch these science fiction films, you will be something better than me.Watch the films about life and fantasy - Its a wonderful life, life is beautiful, Being there, To kill a mocking bird, 12 angry man, The graduate, Love and death by Woody Allen, A room with a view, Nothing hill,  Ghost buster, Rain man, Groundhog day, My cousin Vinny, Troy, All the pretty horses, Babel, Shortcut to happiness, Jerry McGuire, School of life, Made of Honour....
6. Do not waste your time thinking what other people thinks about.
7. Do not compare your life with others life. You have everything you need.
8. Do exercise, play a lot. Don't sit in front of T.V after when you come from school. Go to field and play. Do not worry about playing like the sportsman, because you do not have. Just have fun running, playing.
9. Do not shout at others. Be sweet, read the book How to win friends and influencing people.
10. Learn an instrument, if you do not it will be hard to learn later.
11. Listen to radio when you study, it will change your life. 
12. Do not hide yourself, just be one everywhere even though not entirely, because our attitudes changes with people and situation. What I am saying is that try to be friendly with people. Do not judge people directly or indirectly, because no one is perfect. When you will judge someone, he will try to find the imperfectness in you and would judge you, which would make you feel bad. If you feel bad when someone judges you, then why don't you realise that they feel bad too when you judge them.

13. Lastly the most important thing you should do is be honest to yourself.Accept who you are.  No matter  how many people tells you not to dream big. Just because your dreams are bigger for them that does not you have to get scared just because they are scared to dream big. Some days will be very hard, you would feel like you are gonna burst from inside if you do not do something about that. You must then accept who you really are. Most people do not know who they  really  are ,what they really want. Do not worry so much who you are because now I have realised that to know what you love is more important than to know yourself.If you know it for sure what you really love then it is more than enough.Just follow what you love, do not think or question anymore.Just follow your love, just follow your heart and instinct.You will never regret. Just follow the LOVE that you are sure in your heart,mind and soul.

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