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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Who I am by Jitu Das life stories

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Life is a journey, not a destination. We live and die, there is no way out of it. This life gives us everything, good and bad. Life does not give us what we want, life gives what we deserve. Real life is very mysterious. In real life, good things happen to bad people and bad things happen with good people, but ofcourse its rare. 

In life, you born, then you are brought up with hard labour of your parents, then you grow up, and you become a toddler from an infant in 13 month, then you learn to talk ma, deuta, dada. Then you learn to walk, you fall down in every step, but your family keeps you inspiring and helping, and finally you learn to walk, then you become ready to lower primary( l.p) and you become 3 years old and you are sent to the local school, and from that day kind of start to remember , I mean your brain starts to store new memories, and after 20 years you would have fragments of the years when you were before 5 years old. Your whole early l.p days are just now would sum up in 10 mimutes. 

Then after l.p you enter m.e, now you start to store the memories for life time. You learn learn to write your mother language and an other two or 3 languge. Well, I learned my mother language Assamese, then there was 3 more language, Hindi, Sanskrit and English, 
what about these years ? In these years whenever you go out with your parents, you find that people asks your name ? And curiously , you tell your name delightly, people would kiss your cheeks like you are a cake, I hated that. There was an uncle who used to pinch my cheek, I hated him.

So, when you are younger than a ten years old, you live in a very small world, you live with an constant curiosity then. You keep asking what is this ? What is that ? And in school , you start to learn about math, in math you learn to add, divide, multiply. You learn about your country. You start to read stories, grammer and every year, they come up with a an advanced version and then you go to high school with this way. Everything goes well with high school, except some fights with your classmates, if you are an ideal kid, all mothers want but trust me, idealism would make you an introvert, and you will end up not expressing yourself. I believe that whole idea of being human is to express yourself in your own way. 

After high school you go to higher secondary,so much freedom that you get surprised. The brick of walls created by the teachers of schools now breaks down, you meet new friends and you also lose some friends from school. Its the time to fulfil your goal, its the time to work on your dream. The dream is so clear, like you know what you really want and there is nothing to worry, you have to study and make yourself worthy enough to be what you want to be. At that time of life, I wanted to become a doctor, but there was always a small voice that wanted to be a writer, but the voice was still there, but I wanted be someone else.

 Back then 3 years ago, I did not worried about the future, the question who I am ! wasn't there. I knew what I wanted to be, but after H.S examination, the things seem to become real, the world wasn't same anymore, my whole idea of life changed infront me. My dream of becoming a doctor was not my dream afterall. I was searching for who I am ? That is why I did not go to coaching of medical, while my friends went there. I did not what I truly wanted. But, I always loved biology, so I got admitted in B.S.c zoology major, now its my final year. So, in july 2014, I will be graduate of B.S.c. 

Now I am writing this blog.
I get that idea of the blog because I needed to know how to find my goal. I started that blog a year ago, while I was in a haste to choose a career. I choose zoology as a academic career. Now I have entered into the 4th semester. One year ago, I was filled with confusion, doub, helplessness and alone. Thats when I started to study psychology additionaly to know and understand myself. Socrates said us to know ourselves. Knowing yourself, is a process where you have to study many subjects like philosophy, psychology, body languge. The question "who am I " is one of the hard question you can ask yourself. As the question who am I is a hard one, it didn't came to on its own. What inspired me to search for who am I instead of chasing girls ! The films inspired me in a way. The first film that moved me was "The Mummy", I mean I loved the adventure, it was released in 1999, at that time I was 7 year old. The second film that chilled me was " The Jurasik Park", I watched it along with "The Mummy". What an experience that I still remember it, thats called good memory, I mean I remember when I got highest mark im english once in school, thats was also great, but, now I realize that the best thing I did in my past was the things that when I remember them I get a smile in my face spontaneously.

My Regrets ? No I don't regret, its not I have not done any mistake in my 20years life and counting..... Mistake is what makes us right. I think that like mistakes, any bad events or experience is just an useful link to our beautiful present, without those bad events of past, we wouldn't know what is good today. If you have any bad memory, think it like it was just a nightmare. Your life is beautiful, you deserve and you just have accept it. Ever wondered what is the best thing about life. The best thing about life is right now, this moment when you are feeling your breath, this moment when you are looking, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. This very moment is everything. You can make your this very moment a good memory in future. Make your right now a good memory for your future. Thats all I got for now. I am always here to inspire and talk about how I feel and think about the life , world and universe. You know what I love it.

. Who am I. what is my goal, how to find your goal , evolution, what happened before big bang are the questions that motivates me read & learn. I write about Life, I want to know why a mother loves their children so much, and their children when grow up doesn't care about their mother, who is more important for a man, his mother or his wife. Most of the people are unhappy ! Most of the people are not doing what they wanted when they were kids, thats why they are not happy, Paulo Coelho said, wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. Most of the people on earth are angry because they have no goal, they never tried to know what is their goal, what they are good at.If a person could have his goal, he or she will have satisfaction, this satisfaction will change their life,they will be calm & cool.Life would be like a long ,fun holiday on Earth, I want you to have a good life. If people get what they would never be jealous, jealousy is like the rust in the iron, Most of the people on earth is jealous of each other. It makes people sad, behavior becomes rude.Wherever your interest is, there lies your good life. So,I think finding your goal is all you need to do, because if you find your goal, you will know yourself, its called self realization or enlightment. when you have this self realization, all your nagging thoughts will melt away.You will have constant satisfaction. If you realize your talent, you will know what to do do by yourself. If you want to know your uniqueness, you have to do some study, you need to travel, you need to read biographies of great people, you need to ask yourself what you are good at, The Only question which you will erase all your confusion, and that is -- What is that thing you can do all day, without feeling exhausted, bored, tired. Thats it, you are born for this work, What is work, work is the only great way to spend your life. What is life ? Life is that summation of your work or a series of events that happens continuously, you wonder sometime, what is going on ? what is Life. In simple, Life is the best thing you have, though you have never asked for it. Life is like a ticket to Disneyland, you enter, you have fun, see different things with the people you love, and when the day about to end, you make sure you have all the fun, then you leave that Disneyland .

So Who am I ? 

I am Jitu Das, I am an Assamese man, Indian or a worldcitizen ! But when I watched the sky, so big. I feel like I am a small,tiny part of this whole big business,thats when I loose my identity, I am not just an assamese, indian or world citizen, I am a citizen of the universe. I am also a conscience of the universe. I love you everyone. I am an young adult now. The stage of life when we all get confused about our goal and meaning of life and I was also confused when I entered 20,suddenly the idea of life changedto me. I had no idea who I am, who I am going to be. It was all very fancy to even think about it. I couldn't see where my life was going. But, I knew and I believed that everyone has something, and the purpose of life is to discover who you really are. Socrates said to know thyself. And I started to study myself to know who I really am ? Before I passed my 12th class,that time was different to me. What I think now possible was impossible to 4 years ago.I always felt something withing me, was trying to say out loud, somethingflickering , like a forgotton dreams, some fragments of true self was always there, but they were recessive, but now they arebecoming dominant. When I started reading books about philosophy, I found out that man has suffered from the thoughts about the meaning in life, destiny, karma. I read about Socrates, Aristotle, Confucious, Rene Dekart, Kant, Henry David Thorou, Mahatma Gandhi, Lin Yutao, Carl Sagan,Woody Allen, Douglous Adams. It is mind boggling to know that from Socrates of 2000 years ago till today, meaning of life has been great karizma to the philosophers. If you are an young man or an young adult, and you have confusion about who you are? And who you wantto become in life. My dear reader,you must study philosophy and psychology. To know who you are you must read books on Human nature, read poetry, novels different genre, watch films and listen to music. 2 years ago, there were so many questions, and now there are some answers I have found. Finally, the meaning of life is getting clear to me, the road wasall dark and full of mist, now its getting clear to me. The thoughtsand questions of our existence inthe universe was troubling me, now I have found answers to calm my mind. The athiest have no new idea,expcept they don't believe in god. I would rather think more then sitting down and claiming that there is no God. I will believe in God, god who is beyond everything, every religion. So, I believe in God, not in religion. God is all I need and god is everywhere. I know that I am only a human. I always wanted to share with the world,what I know and feel about life. So, I started writing this blog 1 year ago, I write in myblog from life, family to philosophy, psychology to film, music, poetry and about my great country India and about my green state, the only land where the world's biggest river island"MAJULI" and smallest river island " UMANANDA" exist. I live inAssam, where endangered one horned Rhinoceros are found. Assam is the also world famous for its tea. I am an assamese, my mother lanuguge is Assamese and my national language is Hindi.

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